*       Don’t put your hands into ball return


*       Don’t cross the foul line


*       Remain on your lane


*       Don’t interfere with other bowlers


*       Score by knocking down pins


*       Roll the ball down the middle of the lane


*       Gutter balls count as zero





Knock down all pins with 1st ball

Takes 2 balls to knock down all pins

After throwing your first ball, you leave two pins separated

Goalpost Split – Most difficult split to pick up in bowling (leaving pins no.7 / 10) standing

Turkey - 3 strikes in a row

4 strikes in a row

The score for a perfect game is 300. Check out our 300 game scores are on the Board behind your screens




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*      It’s the only sport where you get to wear funny clown shoes


*      It is 60ft from the “foul line” to the “head pin” and 43” wide


*      95 million people enjoy “Ten Pin Bowling” in 90 Countries    spanning 6 Continents


*      137 muscles are used in the body while playing “Ten Pin Bowling” – You don’t have to be athletic to participate





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*      It is the second largest sports participation in the World       (fishing is number 1)


*      It is a uniform sport i.e. it is played the same way     Worldwide


*      ALSAA is the most successful team provider in Ireland – 5    out of 8 for this year’s European Youth Championships came from ALSAA’s Bowling Club. All of the boys team for the Triple Crown also came from ALSAA’s Bowling Club





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*      It is a social sport


*      Indoor all year round sport


*      It is a friendly competitive sport


*      It is a team / individual sport


*      It is a mixed sport (boys / girls)


*      It is a non-contact sport






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*      There is the potential to represent Ireland as it is a    Worldwide Sport and people play professionally


*      It is an affordable sport as club discounts are available to members


*      People from 5yrs to 105yrs can play






Competitive Age Levels

Under 12’s

Under 16’s

Under 19’s

Under 23’s


Seniors (50+)





Do You Know Your Pins by Number?