ASCA Matches (1967 - 2004)



ASCA is the Airlines Sport and Cultural Association and was established in 1947 as the Airline Staff International Association (ASIA), with the name changed in 1985. Aer Lingus were a founder member with Air France, British Airways and Sabena.


The ASCA Tenpin Bowling competition has been running since 1967 with a final every two years. The trophy was presented by British Airways.  Initially the format was “knockout” with up to three rounds before the final. This meant that some teams bowled only once every two years if they were knocked out in the first round, while others, who made it to the final, could bowl up to four matches. In 1995 it was decided to split the airlines into three or four groups. All would play in the first year with the winners in each group playing for the top places in the second year.  The others played off for minor places and seeding for the next season.  The bowling format, which had been teams of eight bowlers playing eight games in fours and doubles, was also changed to all fours.  Total pinfall over the 64 games decides the placings.


Only three airlines have won the trophy during the 19 events. These were Finnair (8 times – 1969 to 77, 1999, 2001), British Airways (6 times – 1979, 83, 85, 95, 97, 2003) and Swissair (5 times – 1981, 1987 to 93).  Aer Lingus have played in the last five finals and we were the only team to play in all four rounds of the final season of the “knockout” format where we won in Reykjavik, Dublin (twice) and lost in the final in London.  The event was open to all ASCA airline bowlers, men and women, until a separate annual competition was set up for women in 2000. This event was then renamed ASCA Tenpin Bowling – Men.  


Aer Lingus Results

The Aer Lingus results over the years, since 1967 were as follows.


We played against SAS in Island Breeges Bowling, Copenhagen, in November 1967 and although beaten were not disgraced. No scores can be located. The 1967 Aer Lingus team played a challenge with the ‘current’ bowlers in September 1981. The next match was with Sabena in Stillorgan in November 1968 when we won by 1646 pins. Dick Creagh had games of 212, 211 and 219.


A match took place in Hamburg in April 1970, but again, no results can be located. In November 1971 in Stillorgan Alitalia beat us by 23 pins (10438 to 10415, 163 to 162). The match in 1974 was in Hamburg with Lufthansa. The team average was 162 and we were beaten by a margin of about 350 pins. Noel Kelly had a 259 with eight strikes in a row. In March 1976 in Helsinki Finnair beat us in the Tali Bowl. In March 1978 we were drawn to play Finnair in Round 1. We played in Stillorgan and were beaten by 44 pins (10863 to 10819, 169.7 to 169.0). We travelled to play in a preliminary round of the 1979/81 season in October 1979 with Sabena in Brussels. We were successful in overcoming Sabena by 1154 pins. (10581 to 9427, 165 to 147).


Having got through the preliminary round we met Swissair in Dublin in March 1980 in Stillorgan, but the visitors were too good and won well by 656 pins. (11191 to 10535, 174 to 164). The St. Laurence Hotel in Howth was used for accommodation, dinner and dancing in Saints Disco. In the preliminary round in the 1981/83 season we were drawn away to Austrian, playing in the event for the first time. We played in the Praeter Bowl in Vienna in October 1981. The home team were stronger that we expected and beat us by 225 pins. (10733 to 10508, 167 to 164). At home in the 2nd round in February 1984 we beat Sabena in Dublin, in ALSAA for the first time, by 1440 pins (11278 to 9838, 176 to 154). The 3rd round was also in ALSAA, in October 1984, where British Airways beat us by 144 pins (11282 to 11138, 176 to 174) who then went on to win the final. We were at home again in the 1st round in November 1985 to SAS and were successful winning by 1262 pins (11562 to 10300, 181 to 161). We played the 2nd round in Geneva against Swissair in May 1986 and were beaten by 361 pins (11592 to 11231, 181 to 175). Swissair went on to win the final. Our outing in the 1987/89 season was brief going out to Austrian in Vienna in October 1987 in the preliminary round by 150 pins. (11022 to 10872, 172 to 170).  Our excuses included too much sightseeing on Friday and tired from throwing chestnuts into baskets outside the bowl on Saturday morning. Some reckon the 50p tickets for the Opera were great value. Others got bored. A visit to the Schoenbrun Place before departure was included for the tourists.


We got a bit further the following season where we beat Sabena in the 1st round in Brussels in November 1989 by 366 pins (11047 to 10681, 173 to 167).  We were entertained in the Bankers Club on the Saturday night and returned again on Sunday afternoon where a hilarious session of “who bowls like this” caused a lot of laughter and embarrassment. Another meeting with British Airways in round 2 in ALSAA in April 1990 was closer than the previous match as we lost by only 86 pins. (11646 to 11560, 182 to 181).


In the 1991/93 season we got a bye to round 2, which was played in Copenhagen in March 1992 against SAS.  The match was much closer that our previous meeting. We finished ahead with a margin of 176 pins. (11385 to 11209, 178 to 175).  In the semi-final with Swissair in Zurich in September 1992 we were beaten by a large amount, 547 pins. (11582 to 11035, 181 to 172).  Swissair won the final in Zurich in April 1993.


In the last season of the knockout format our first match was in cold and dark Reykjavik in December 1993. We had a big winning margin of 1625 (10864 to 9239, 170 to 144).  We celebrated by having an outdoor swim in the snow in the “Blue Lagoon” hot springs after a late night in Tanta Zowie’s. The next round was in Dublin in April 1994 against Lufthansa when we played on the Wednesday just before our Airline Tournament. We won by 508 pins. (11411 to 10903, 178 to 170). In December 1994 we played Swissair in the Semi-final in ALSAA.  Here we bowled 5 pins better than the April match and won by just 46 pins (11416 to 11370, 178.3 to 177.6).  The final took place in the Airport Bowl in London in April 1995 against British Airways who bowled extremely well and beat us by 967 pins (12571 to 11604, 196 to 181).  In fact BA had set the ASCA record in April 1994 in round 2 in the Airport Bowl, while playing Alitalia, when they scored 12654 (197.7).


The first season of the Group format saw us playing host to Finnair, Icelandair and Sabena in November 1995.  We won the match by 401 pins over 2nd place.  The scores were: EI-11571, AY-11170, SN-9832, FI-9159, Averages: 181, 175, 154, 143.  The final took place in London in November 1996 where British Airways won by 734 pins over Alitalia with us in 3rd place. This time scores were: BA-12415, AZ-11681, EI-11655, Averages: 184, 183, 182.


In the 1997/99 season we were at home again in the 1st round to El Al and Sabena.  The match took place in December 1997 and El Al had to pull out due to a strike. We won by 1520 pins. (11744 to 10224, 184 to 160).  Four teams made it to the final in Copenhagen in January 1999. The winning margin was very tight with Finnair succeeding by 31 pins over British Airways, with SAS and Aer Lingus taking the other places. 320 pins separated 1st and 4th. Scores were: AY-11604, BA-11573, SK-11466, EI-11284, averages: 181.3, 180.8, 179, 176.


We had our Round 1 match drawn away in March 2000 in Geneva where we were successful again in winning by 463 pins over 2nd placed SAS, when we bowled our best yet ASCA score, finally breaking the 12000 mark by 98 pins and giving us a team average of 189. Iberia and Swissair took the lower places.  The scores were: EI-12098, SK-11635, IB-11105, SR-11083, averages: 189, 182, 174, 173.  The final was in Dublin in June 2001 when we bowled well and finally better than British Airways. Unfortunately for us Finnair bowled better that both of us winning by just 62 pins.  The scores were: AY-11953, EI-11891, BA-11498, Averages: 187, 186, 180.


The 2001/03 season saw the demise of Sabena and Swissair and Alitalia stopped playing in ASCA.  The first round had us drawn at home to host Alitalia, Iberia and Sabena. For the reasons noted just Iberia turned up to play in April 2002. We won by 783 pins. (11890 to 11107, 186 to 174). The final was in London in April 2003 where a “returned to form” British Airways had won the first round in Frankfurt with a second best ever score of 12575 (196.4).  They continued in their winning ways with a 658 pin victory over us with SAS in 3rd place.  Scores were: BA-12135, EI-11477, SK-11176, Averages: 190, 179, 175.


The 2003/05 season was drawn with 8 teams playing in two divisions.  Luckily for us two teams from each division qualify to play in the final as for the first time in the new format we didn’t win our 1st round match.  This was held in Copenhagen in May 2004 where SAS won by 233 pins from us, with Lufthansa in 3rd place. Austrian had withdrawn. Finnair had withdrawn from ASCA in 2003 but have decided to re-enter. They were invited to play in Copenhagen but could not field a team in time. The scores were: SK-11853, EI-11620, LH-10834, averages: 185, 182, 169.  In the other division Iberia and British Airways were 1st and 2nd in Madrid and qualify to play in the final in Dublin before May 2005.


Best Aer Lingus Scores

Pat Tobin achieved the highest individual average of 215 for eight games (total 1720) in ALSAA in April 2002. John Fearn played the best game, 262, in Geneva in May 1986. Noel Kelly was nearest with 259 in Hamburg in 1974. Pat Power was next with a 256 in Zurich in September 1992 while Tom Maxwell follows with a 251 in Geneva in March 2000. The lowest game, 96, was bowled in Brussels in November 1989. The highest team score was also set in Geneva in March 2000 when we scored 12098 achieving a team average of 189. Our best team game of 1615 (average 201.8) was also bowled in Geneva in March 2000 and included games of 200, 222, 224 and 251.


The Players (1967 to 2004)

Copenhagen – November 1967: Dick Creagh, Dermot Cullen, Terry Davis, Gerry Gilsenan, Tom Marum, Tom Maxwell, Pat O’Brien, Rory O’Loughlin, Cormac Somerville. Ollie Mooney represented ALSAA.


Dublin – November 1968: Bobbie Barnwell, Cliff Bennett, Dick Creagh, Noel Kelly, and ??


Hamburg – April 1970: Bobbie Barnwell, Cliff Bennett, Dermot Cullen, Noel Kelly, Rory O’Loughlin, and ??


Dublin – November 1971: Bobbie Barnwell, Brendan Beakey, Cliff Bennett, Jim Delaney, Tony Flynn, Gerry Gilsenan, Noel Kelly, Des Long.


Hamburg – 1974: Noel Kelly and ??


Helsinki – March 1976: Greg Baker, Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Jim Delaney, Jim Foley, Mick Gallagher, Gerry Gilsenan, Paddy Kilduff, Rory O’Loughlin, Cormac Somerville.


Dublin – March 1978: Greg Baker, Brendan Beakey, Gerry Gilsenan, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Rory O’Loughlin, Pat Power, Cormac Somerville.


Brussels – October 1979: Greg Baker, Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Gerry Gilsenan, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Cormac Somerville. Reserve: Tony O’Connor, Manager: John Fearn.


Dublin – March 1980: Greg Baker, Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Gerry Gilsenan, Rory O’Loughlin, Pat Power, Cormac Somerville. Manager: Paddy Kilduff.


Vienna – October 1981: Greg Baker, Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Pat Power, Rory O’Loughlin, Cormac Somerville. Reserve: Kieran Hartnett, Manager: Paddy Kilduff


Dublin – February 1984: Greg Baker, Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Rory O’Loughlin, Pat Power, Cormac Somerville.


Dublin – October 1984: Greg Baker, Brendan Beakey, Cliff Bennett, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Les Reilly, Cormac Somerville.


Dublin – November 1985: Brendan Beakey, Cliff Bennett, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Les Reilly, Cormac Somerville, Paddy Sweeney.


Geneva – May 1986: Brendan Beakey, Cliff Bennett, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Rory O’Loughlin, Pat Power, Les Reilly, Cormac Somerville.


Vienna – October 1987: Brendan Beakey, Cliff Bennett, Dermot Cullen, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Pat Power, Les Reilly, Cormac Somerville.


Brussels – November 1989: Dermot Cullen, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Rory O’Loughlin, Pat Power, Les Reilly, Pat Tobin.


Dublin – April 1990: Dermot Cullen, Terry Duignam, Mike Dunne, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Les Reilly, Cormac Somerville.


Copenhagen – March 1992: Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Terry Duignam, Mike Dunne, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Pat Power, Christy Redmond, Pat Tobin.


Zurich – September 1992: Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Terry Duignam, Mike Dunne, Dave Godwin, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Larry Moran, Pat Power,


Reykjavik – December 1993: Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, Mick Gallagher, Dave Godwin, Paddy Kilduff, Tommy Maxwell, Pat Power, Christy Redmond, Pat Tobin,


Dublin – April 1994: Mike Dunne, Terry Duignam, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Dave Godwin, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Christy Redmond.


Dublin – December 1994: Brendan Beakey, Terry Duignam, Mike Dunne, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Christy Redmond, Pat Tobin.


London – April 1995 (Final): Brendan Beakey, Terry Duignam, Mike Dunne, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Christy Redmond, Pat Tobin.


Dublin – November 1995: Dermot Cullen, James Derham, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, John Moran, Pat Power, Pat Tobin.


London – November 1996 (Final): Brendan Beakey, Dermot Cullen, John Dillon, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, John Moran, Pat Power, Pat Tobin.


Dublin – December 1997: Brendan Beakey, John Dillon, Terry Duignam, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, John Moran, Brendan Spain.


Copenhagen – January 1999 (Final): John Dillon, Terry Duignam, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, John Moran, Pat Power, Brendan Spain.


Geneva – March 2000: Dermot Cullen, John Dillon, James Derham, John Fearn, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, John Moran, Brendan Spain, Pat Tobin.


Dublin – June 2001 (Final): John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, John Moran, Pat Power, Pat Tobin, Brendan Spain, Mick Walsh.


Dublin – April 2002: Dermot Cullen, John Dillon, John Fearn, Dave Godwin, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Brendan Spain, Pat Tobin.


London – April 2003 (Final): Dermot Cullen, John Dillon, Terry Duignam, Paddy Dunne, John Fearn, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Pat Tobin, Mick Walsh. Manager: Peter Kelly


Copenhagen – May 2004: Dermot Cullen, Paddy Dunne, John Fearn, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Jim Redmond, Brendan Spain, Mick Walsh



ASCA Matches - Ladies


In 1998 the first Ladies Experimental ASCA event took place. It was a trial format and was held in ALSAA in January 1998. Participating airlines were Aer Lingus, British Airways, Finnair, Lufthansa and Sabena.  Aer Lingus won the event. The players were Joanne Morgan, Phil Joyce, Marie McAndrew, Yvonne Duignam and Phil Brophy. Scores were: 1: EI- 5104, 2: AY-4990, 3: SN-4930, 4: BA-4919, 5: LH-4585. Joanne Morgan was the top bowler with a 171 average. Aer Lingus presented the “Molly Malone” Perpetual Trophy. On Saturday evening a Literary Pub Crawl was followed by Dinner in Oliver St. John Gogarty Restaurant in Temple Bar.


In 1999 in Hamburg hosted by Lufthansa in July.

Finnair won. Aer Lingus were 4th.  Aer Lingus players were Phil Brophy, Carol Cottell, Dolores Fearn, Marie McAndrew.


In Helsinki hosted by Finnair in December 2000

Phil Brophy, Yvonne Duignam, Dolores Fearn and Marie McAndrew played on the Aer Lingus Team, which was 3rd.  SAS, Copenhagen won the event. Six teams took part.


London – September 2001 – British Airways

British Airways won. Aer Lingus were 3rd with players Phil Brophy, Carol Cottell, Yvonne Duignam and Marie McAndrew.


2002 in Copenhagen hosted by SAS in August

No Aer Lingus team was available to play. SAS won.


Back in Dublin in September 2003

Finnair won. Aer Lingus were last and the other teams were Lufthansa and SAS. The Aer Lingus bowlers were Yvonne Duignam, Liz Hoey, Angela Hynes, Marie McAndrew, Michaela O’Connor and Therese Traynor.


London in September 2004

Due to only two teams entering the event it was postponed until October.


Aer Lingus International Airline Bowling Tournaments in Dublin, 1973 - 2004

A Social History, with some bowling……



Back in November 1972, enjoying themselves at Lufthansa’s Bowling Tournament in Hamburg, were Greg Baker, Dermot Cullen and Paddy Kilduff when a number of people suggested that they would like to come to a bowling event in Dublin.  In a rash moment we said we would arrange one.  Little did we know what we were letting ourselves in for.  The date was soon set; invitations sent out and within three months, on 16 February 1973, eighty-three visiting bowlers arrived in Dublin for the 1st Aer Lingus International Airline Bowling Tournament.  The bowling was at Stillorgan Bowl, the hotel was the Montrose and the entertainment was at the Abbey Tavern in Howth.  The event finished with a scenic tour of the Wicklow Mountains.


Two years later the 2nd event was held.  This time we stayed at the Crofton Airport Hotel and were entertained by a magician.  The 131 visitors can probably remember the enormous chocolate cake in the form of a bowling lane, including pins, produced by the hotel chef.  This time the Sunday afternoon scenic tour made a ‘refreshment stop’ at the ‘Meeting-of-the-Waters’.


The 3rd event was held in 1977 and we finally arrived at Jury’s Hotel where we stayed until 1985.  The final 31 of the 145 visitors arrived on the Saturday morning at 03.30 having returned to New York due to an engine malfunction.  This did not deter them from lining out at 08.30 for the start of bowling.  Saturday lunch was at Leopardstown Racecourse while Prize Presentation on Sunday was after lunch in Jury’s.  The ‘tour’ and ‘refreshments’ in the Woodenbridge Hotel followed the lunch.  This saw the start of the Sunday afternoon ‘fun’ with games such as pint drinking, standing on heads, etc.  This was the first visit of our friends from USA West Coast and the involvement of Cormac Somerville, which continued for a number of years.


Another rash decision made at the 3rd event turned the tournament into an annual happening.  1978 was the year of the snow - when it snowed quite heavily during the weekend, luckily starting after the arrival of all the visitors.  The coaches slid to Killiney Court Hotel for lunch on Saturday and the Thais, on their first visit, joined in the occasional snowball fight.  The regular Baked Alaska Flambé March continued at the Dinner Dance in Jury’s.  Sunday afternoon activities were held at the Aer Lingus Social Centre at Dublin Airport for the first time; with so much snow it was as well no scenic tour was planned in the mountains!  The established ‘fun’ continued with the addition of a special ‘ladies event’ won by Liz Dagg and ‘hairy chest’ won by Paddy Kilduff.


The 5th event in 1979 saw a large attendance of 192 eventually arrive in Dublin.  38 bowlers were left behind in New York due to heavy loads.  Being ‘tryers’ they travelled by various routes to get here.  Lloyd Phelps and others phoned from the airport and came straight to Stillorgan to bowl, though they missed the regular Irish Coffee produced by the Bowl.  The Dance was held in the Shelbourne Hotel, as Jury’s was hosting the Irish Farmers Annual event. The Prize Presentation Lunch was back in Jury’s on Sunday was carried out by the popular Aer Lingus Publicity Manager, Bob Fitzsimons.  Sunday afternoon was now following its regular pattern of ‘fun’ and ‘special’ events.  Andreas Habel of Swissair, Zurich, put up a men’s high game of 279, which held until 1986.


1980 was memorable for the video show of the previous year by Des Long and forgettable for the Johnny Butler Band at the Dance in Jury’s.  This year also saw a change of Management at Stillorgan Bowl with Bernard Gibbons taking over from Jimmy Kinsella.


The 7th event at the end of March 1981 continued the pattern of short Saturday nights with the clock changing forward during the Disco, DJ’d by our own Greg Baker as we were taking no chances with the ‘Band’.  The newly opened Residents Lounge in Jury’s proved very popular with bowlers and with attendees at the ‘Fine Gael’ Annual Party Conference - remember them?  And remember Dick Mulcahy bowling with his broken leg in plaster?


Our regular visitor Virpi Jousi nearly didn’t make it in 1982 due to a planned Finnair strike, which luckily was called off at the last minute.  Quite a few of the 163 visitors arrived a number of days early to tour the south and kiss the Blarney Stone among others.  This year the ‘Birdie Song’ got many an airing and ‘Dead Bug’ caused confusion at the Prize Presentation and during the Sunday afternoon at the Club.  The ‘Gorilla Russell’ won the hairy chest competition.


By 1983 a regular pattern was set for the 200 visitors with some variations.  The second opening ceremony ended with the ‘Airline Bowlers Anthem’- the Birdie Song, being played and danced.  A ‘stolen’ ball caused some structural searching in the Bowl.  The Aer Lingus Pipe Band made a noisy, though enjoyable, show in the Club - they were still ‘performing’ hours later in Jury’s ‘Ressies’ Lounge.  And we had our first ‘full fare’ visitor - Randy Specht - all the way from Los Angeles.


The 10th Anniversary in 1984 was an enlarged event with 229 visitors attending.  Entertainment was provided in Clontarf Castle by the Dublin City Ramblers, which followed a visit to the Guinness brewery.  Bowling was again at Stillorgan Bowl and all stayed at Jury’s Hotel, where Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Michael Keating, presented the prizes (and was ‘Dead-bugged’, being left the only one remaining standing on the stage).  The ‘Funday’ in ALSAA continued but on the Monday most headed to Shannon and had a great evening in Bunratty Castle and Durty Nellies, rounded off with a ‘shirtless’ disco in the Shannon International Hotel.  The ‘fun’ continued with a lottery on the arrival time of the EI 105 in JFK (at 16.01) and the use of ‘Landing Hats’, which would usually be known as pillowcases.


Despite threats to end at number 10 the 11th Event was held in 1985.  This saw almost as many visitors (211).  Johnny McEvoy had all in tears in Clontarf Castle, but happiness was restored in Jury’s while watching the video of the 10th ‘Funday’.  On Sunday, all who took part were almost frozen solid during the Treasure Hunt in Howth (particularly at the harbour with the east wind) before the pubs opened for jazz and lunch in the St. Lawrence Hotel.  The day was rounded off with fun in the old ALSAA clubhouse.  This was to be the last year in Stillorgan and the first year the Aer Lingus men won the team trophy.  Heli Rautenen of Finnair, Helsinki, bowled a new record game for the ladies of 245.


Number 12 was quite a different event.  We now had our own 10-lane centre at the ALSAA Bowl, at the airport and felt that we could not continue with over 200 visitors.  The date was moved to September 1986.  Money prizes were offered and a minimum average was required.  The reduction in numbers was “too successful”, with only 44 visitors attending.  All stayed in the Dublin International Hotel, also at the airport, and prize presentation was in the Function Room in the new and recently opened ALSAA Sports complex.  The home men won again and Karl Hink of Swissair, Zurich, beat his colleague’s game with a 288, which was not beaten for many years.  Debbie Pino of Continental, Denver, came within one pin of the ladies record with a 244.


In spring 1987 the event returned to its original format but continued in the ALSAA Bowl.  Dickie Rock entertained in Clontarf Castle.  The Glenn Miller Legacy big band provided music for dancing in the ALSAA Function Room and Greg Baker had all ‘sailing’ in White’s Hotel in Wexford on ‘Funday’ afternoon.  The visitor numbers rose to 92.


1988 was Dublin Millennium Year.  An Irish Traditional Music Night was enjoyed by all in the Abbey Tavern in Howth, which was being visited again after a 15-year break.  Following bowling and the disco, a cultural day was had with a visit to the Viking Exhibition and a tour of Christchurch Cathedral.  The ‘Fun’ was a bit ‘muted’ in a cold Chapter Hall at the Cathedral.  The ‘Fun’ then stopped for three years.


Clontarf Castle was again visited during the 15th event and Brendan Shine provided the top spot.  The Tournament was a short one, finishing with the disco on Saturday night, but was attended by 148 visitors.  It was memorable as it was the first time the Aer Lingus ladies won the Cuchulainn team trophy and started a four-year winning run.


Number 16, in 1990, was very similar to the previous year except that Red Hurley performed in Clontarf Castle and the numbers jumped to 182 and included ‘Mary Brown’, ‘Little Knucklehead’, ‘Horizontal Bob’ and ‘The Prince’.  This was the first time that both Aer Lingus ladies and men won the team trophies.


By 1991, with the numbers on the increase, it was decided to try a ‘Funday’ again.  However the Gulf War thwarted this plan and only 72 arrived.  Brendan Shine was on at Clontarf and the ‘Fun’ was planned in Johnny Fox’s pub in the Dublin Mountains.  While all were enjoying the Whiskey Corner and the State Apartments in Dublin Castle, heavy negotiations were taking place to convince the bus drivers to negotiate the heavy snow on the mountains.  These were successful and all enjoyed the ‘Fun’, led by Rory O’Loughlin.  The popular Phil Brophy Quiz was attempted during the tour.


Number 18 was similar in format to number 17 except that Dermot O’Leary was at Clontarf Castle and the ‘Fun’ was at Barberstown Castle following the Whiskey Corner tour and tasting, and the State Apartments visit at Dublin Castle.  One busload, of the 117 visitors, had a breakdown en-route to the castle, so the ‘Fun’ ran a bit late.  The ‘Guamese’ were much in evidence, particularly with Noel V. Ginnity in Clontarf Castle, while Brendan Beakey had a surprise 60th birthday guest at the hotel.


1993 and number 19 was the year of the Púca - or Lepreachán - and this doesn’t mean Maureen Potter at Clontarf.  The ‘Fun’ was at Poulaphuca House (The House of the Fairy’s Hole) after a trip by the adventurous busload through the mountains. This followed a sleepy visit to the National Museum and Whiskey Corner.  Lepreacháns were presented for games of 200 and over.  The ‘Funday’ quiz, in a vain attempt to keep the sleepy folk awake, featured as usual.


The 20th was celebrated as a BIG event.  With 230 visitors attending, bowling had to take place in ALSAA and in Leisureplex Coolock while both the Forte Crest Hotel and the Regency Hotel were used for accommodation.  A ‘Race Night’ was arranged on Friday in the Country Club in Portmarnock and the hardy types tried their skills with the Mick Russell Treasure Hunt in the Airport environs on Saturday.  Visiting teams won the team prizes, from British Airways, London and Finnair, Helsinki.  Following the Dinner/Dance in ALSAA on Saturday night all flew to Shannon on Sunday to attend the Mediaeval Banquets at Bunratty and Knappogue Castles.  The ‘Fun with Rory’ took place in the Shannon Great Southern Hotel and was followed by a disco until the wee hours.


Number 21 returned to the regular format.  All stayed at the Forte Crest Hotel.  Bowling was in ALSAA Bowl and Dermot O’Leary entertained in Clontarf Castle.  Sunday morning took in the Whiskey Corner and the Dublinia Exhibition in the Synod Hall near Christchurch.  The ‘Fun’ was in Sutton Castle and all returned to a Karaoke session in the Forte Crest.  The home teams resumed their successes of a few years ago.


In 1996 the Forte Crest changed its name (again) to the Forte Posthouse and Bracken entertained at the ‘Meet-the-Teams’ Reception.  A Race Night in the Country Club in Portmarnock followed bowling in ALSAA Bowl.  Prize Presentation was at a dance in ALSAA, while the Sunday activities included the State Apartments in Dublin Castle, Whiskey Corner and ‘Fun’ in Sutton Castle Hotel. The home teams won again. However, Denise Pasquale of British Airways, Houston, set a new ladies high game record by one pin with a game of 246.


Number 23 was small, with just 70 visitors.  Bowling was in ALSAA, as usual, while on Friday all had a very enjoyable evening in the company of Vikings at the ‘Viking Adventure’ in the Temple Bar area.  Following the Dance on Saturday night it was off to the Porter House in Temple Bar on Sunday morning for a tour of the microbrewery and the ‘Phil’s Treasure Hunt’ around the area.  Killiney Castle was the scene for the ‘Fun’ on Sunday afternoon.  This was the first event, since the start in 1973, not attended by Virpi Jousi of Finnair, Helsinki, who was ill.  The home teams were successful, yet again.


The 1998 event followed the usual format but this time had a Race Night on Friday in the ALSAA Function Room.  The Prize Presentation Dinner was held in the Coolquoy Lodge.  Sunday morning saw all away early in the fog to visit the Knowth megalithic tomb at Brú na Bóinne in County Meath.  The ‘Fun’ was in the rather confined upstairs of the Old Mill in Julianstown and featured a visit by ‘Abba’.  For the fourth year in a row the home teams were successful,


The 25th Tournament in 1999 was planned as another big event and took place in April.   Among the 123 visitors we saw the return of some previous participants including Carol and Lloyd Phelps from 1991, Dick Holdsworth from 1985 and Peggy and Fred Fulgenzi from 1984.  It was also notable that Brendan Beakey was the only person who had bowled in all 25 tournaments and was presented with a memento of the occasion.  All participants were entertained to a Casino Night in ALSAA on Friday, where the Prize Presentation Dance was also held on Saturday. All departed on Sunday morning bright and early on the EI133 to Shannon with accommodation there being provided in the Shannon Great Southern Hotel.  In the early evening the group moved to Knappogue Castle for the Mediaeval Banquet and entertainment.  Back to the hotel later for fun and frolics, which included  “The Full Monty” by TFM Airways’ crew members (all well known). Our “Sound Man” Paddy Gibbons put in the usual excellent annual show, driving all the way from Dublin and back to do so.  The Disco continued well into the small hours. On the bowling side the winning run by the home teams came to an end with British Airways, London, and Continental, Denver, taking top men and ladies spots, respectively.


As the club had successfully bid to host the Julio Noriega Tournament in 2000, and took a break after it, the 26th event did not take place until 2002.  It was called the First €uro Tournament, as the euro had just been introduced.  All 55 visitors stayed in the usual hotel at Dublin Airport, now called the Holiday Inn.  Bowling and Prize Presentation dinner were in ALSAA.  Entertainment on Friday night was at the Irish Cabaret in Johnnie Fox’s Pub in the mountains, while the Sunday included visits to the Guinness Brewery and Malahide Castle.  The ‘Fun’ included the ‘Rory Show’ (will it have been the last?) and a ‘Race Day’.  The home men won again, but for the first time the team included the Tournament organisers, Pat Tobin, John Dillon and Paddy Kilduff, with Pat Power. Lynn Starks of Continental, Los Angeles, put up a new Ladies High Game of 268.


After a two year break the 27th tournament was held in 2004.  In order to reduce costs to visitors and in an attempt to increase numbers the Friday night and Sunday ‘fun’ activities were dropped.  The visitor numbers only increased to 60, so maybe there are other reasons for the reductions from 200+ in the “good old years”.  Some visitors attended the Irish Junior Fund Raising Race Night in the ALSAA bar on Friday night and were successful in winning the raffle and the Auction Race. The numbers may have been down but the quality was up with both the winning Continental, Miami, and second placed Aer Lingus, Dublin, men’s teams beating the existing Event and ALSAA House records, by 214 and 168 respectively.  The new record was 4889 (average 203) beating the British Airways, London, record set in 1994.  The Aer Lingus ladies returned to winning form.  Finally the men’s high game of 288, set in 1986, was beaten with Steve Offord of Delta, Atlanta, creating great excitement with a 298.



Aer Lingus Inter Station Tournaments


1st Tournament – Dublin, 18th November 1978

In 1978, as Aer Lingus teams from Dublin, London and New York were attending airline tournaments throughout the world; it was decided to run an Aer Lingus Inter Station Tournament. The first was arranged for Stillorgan Bowl in Dublin on 18th November. This saw four teams from Dublin and two from each London and New York gathering to play 3 games in Team of Four format and 3 games in Doubles. The winning team was Dublin 2 – Dermot Cullen, Cormac Somerville, Greg Baker and Paddy Kilduff with 2064 pins (172 average). Second were Dublin 1 – Gerry Gilsenan, Pat Power, Brendan Beakey, Jim Delaney with 2016, and third were New York 2 – D. Curtin, B. Geoghegan, Andy Caverly and Pat Hanahoe with 1963. Dermot and Cormac won the Doubles with 1087, Brendan and Jim were 2nd with 1002 and Gerry and Pat Power were 3rd with 996. Pat Hanahoe was best overall with 1076, 179 average. The visitors stayed in the Tara Towers Hotel. All had dinner there on Saturday night and then went to the Tudor Rooms in Barry’s Hotel for a cabaret. Bowling cost 50p per game and two nights bed/breakfast and one dinner cost £13.90.


2nd Tournament – New York, 18th August 1979

Pat McConville arranged the second tournament in New York. The package included accommodation in the Berkshire Place Hotel in Manhattan, bowling at the Northern Lanes in Queens, Lunch at Stablemates Pub near the bowl, Dinner in the Assembly Restaurant, Bayside, Queens, finishing off Saturday night in the Blarney Stone on 59th St. A “Day of Fun and Frolics” was arranged for Sunday in Great Adventure Amusement Park, New Jersey - all for $60. The Dublin Teams were: 1 - Paddy Kilduff, Greg Baker, Dermot Cullen, Cormac Somerville; 2 - Rory O’Loughlin, Jim Delaney, Mick Dunne, Tom Maxwell; 3 – Jimmy Cummins, Larry Moran, Rosemary Roe, Mary Gallagher. London and New York also had teams participating. British Airways, London, came along to ‘keep score’. The ‘score keepers’ included Mike Bezzina, Roger Beenham and John Nixey. ‘Hands’ was the favourite song. The ‘Winning Team’ from the first tournament was again successful.


3rd Tournament – London?

The third tournament was planned for London, however it never was suitable for a date to be set and now all involved have moved on. New York was looking at June 1980 for a while but it didn’t happen. The pewter ‘Perpetual Trophy’ remains ‘perpetually’ in the trophy case in ALSAA where it has sat on display for 25 years – suitably engraved with the winning names. Will it ever be played for again?



Airline Tournament Participation


Over the years the club has had members taking part in airline tournaments in many parts of the world meeting and making friends with colleagues of many nationalities. In turn many have come to Ireland to take part in the Aer Lingus and ASCA events. In the early years there were a considerable number of tournaments each year which lead to a “clearing house” being set up, in order to avoid clashing dates. In recent years the number of tournaments has dwindled. Details of Aer Lingus participation and successes follow, as well as the organising airline, location and principal organiser.


6 May 1972: Alitalia, Rome (5th Intercontinental Bowling Tournament)

A team of Rory O’Loughlin, Greg Baker, Des Long, Tony Flynn, Jim Delany attended and finished 10th. Rory was 9th placed individual with a 167 average.


25/26 November 1972: Lufthansa, Hamburg – Uwe Insellmann

Stayed at Hotel Am Holstenwall. Bowling at Astra Bowling North.

Ladies: Rosemary Roe, Alice Farrell, Kay Maxwell, and Cathy Breen.

Men: Des Long, Tony Flynn, Brendan Beakey, Greg Baker, Cliff Bennett, Dermot Cullen, Paddy Kilduff, Terry Duignam. Teams: Aer Lingus-Dublin, Alitalia-Rome, BEA-London, Finnair-Helsinki, Lufthansa-Hamburg, Sabena-Brussels SAS-Oslo, SAS-Rome, and Swissair-Zurich. The Men’s Team event was won by Alitalia, with Aer Lingus 4th. Our best Doubles were Brendan and Tony in 16th, while Brendan was the best Aer Lingus Man in 26th place with a 181 average. Lufthansa won the Ladies’ Team event with Aer Lingus in 5th. Cathy Breen, with A. Holland-Moritz (Lufthansa), were 4th Doubles. Cathy was also the best Aer Lingus lady finishing in 11th with a 129 average. It was after this tournament that is was decided to run a tournament in Dublin.


4 May 1974: National, New York in Miami, Florida (7 IABL)

Rory O’Loughlin, John Kenny, and two others. ROL had a 180 average for 9 games.


21/22 September 1974: British European Airways, London – Linda Greasley.

Stayed at Heathrow Hotel. Bowling at Airport Bowl.

Two teams: Cathy Breen, Rosemary Roe, Caroline Baker, Pamela Wade, Brendan Beakey, Jim Foley, John Fearn, John Kenny, Greg Baker, Paddy Kilduff.  Jim Foley won Men’s High Average – 188 for 5 games, while Rosemary Roe was 4th with 154.


2/4 May 1975: Interline Club of Geneva, Switzerland (WACA)

Attendees: Dermot & Frances Cullen, Greg & Pauline Baker, Gerry & Mary Gilsenan, Paddy & Margaret Kilduff, Liz Dagg, Patricia McCaughey


21/23 November 1975: British Airways, London – Linda Greasley

One Team – Jim Foley, John Fearn, Pat Power, Cliff Bennett who finished in 15th place bowling with D. Gill. Cliff and Pat also finished in 15th in the Doubles, while Jim and John were 27th.


22/24 April 1977: Aer Lingus, New York – Pat McConville

Stayed at the St. Moritz Hotel, Central Park. Bowled at Northern Lanes, Dinner and Dance in the Playboy Club. Team: Rosemary Roe, Benny Smith, Margaret and Paddy Kilduff were last of five teams, with National, New York winning and Lloyd Phelps getting the High Overall with 183 average.


18/20 November 1977: British Airways, London – Linda Greasley

Stayed at Heathrow Hotel. Bowled in Airport Bowl. Dinner and Disco in Penta Hotel.

Bowlers: Men: (Team): Cormac Somerville, Brendan Beakey, John Fearn, Jim Delaney, Paddy Kilduff, (Allsorts): Billy Tyndall, Rory O’Loughlin.  Ladies: Mary Gallagher, Anne O’Byrne. Supporters: Rita Somerville, Clem Beakey, and Mora O’Loughlin.

The Men were 12th out of 17 teams. The best doubles were Brendan and Jim at 15th. Cormac made the Masters and finished 10th.  The Ladies played with a BA pair and were 11th. They were 23rd in the Doubles.


10/16 September 1978: Thai, Bangkok (XI IABL) – Preeda Keturat

Stayed at Hyatt Rama Hotel. Bowling at Star Bowl. Dinner and Dance in Hyatt Rama Hotel. Coach to Asia Pacific Hotel in Pattaya. Island excursion. Sapphire Night Farewell Party.

Participants: Team 1: Paddy Kilduff, Cormac Somerville, Larry Moran, Yvonne Moran, Dermot Cullen, Team 2: Mary Gallagher, Marie McAndrew. Supporters: Margaret Kilduff, Rita Somerville, Frances Cullen, The Men’s Team 1 was 21st. Cormac and Dermot were 38th in the Doubles. Dermot was 12th in the Singles and 19th in the Masters. Marie and Mary bowled with Aer Lingus, New York and were 41st.


20/22 October 1978: British Airways, London – Linda Greasley

Stayed at Ariel Hotel. Bowled in Airport Bowl and Dinner and Entertainment was at the Mediaeval Banquet in London. Bowlers: Team 1: Paddy Kilduff, Cormac Somerville, Dermot Cullen, Greg Baker, Jim Delaney. Team 2: Tommy Maxwell, Jimmy Cummins, Mary Gallagher, Marie McAndrew, and Tommy Shortall. Supporters: Pauline Baker, Mary Cummins.


12/14 January 1979: Finnair, Helsinki – Arto Ollikainen

Stayed at Intercontinental Hotel. Bowled in Tali Bowl. Winter games at Forest Lake Hotel.

Participants: Greg Baker, Jimmy Cummins, Tom Maxwell, Kieran Hartnett, Rory O’Loughlin, Larry Moran, Brian Dent, Mary Gallagher, Marie McAndrew, Rosemary Roe. The Men’s team finished in 28th and the Ladies in 7th. Roger Beenham, bowling for British Airways, won the Singles event and had the high game of 236.


23/24 August 1980: Swissair, Zurich – Udo Meier

10th Anniversary of the Swissair Club. Team: Greg Baker, Dermot Cullen, Larry Moran and Cormac Somerville, who finished in 9th place with a 170 average. Dermot was 21st overall.


18/21 September 1980: Pan Am, New York – Al Eddy

Team: Eoin O’Donovan and Bobby McGee, who were teamed up with Juha Harvela and Nate Smola and finished in 33rd place.


22/26 April 1981: SIA, Singapore (XIV IABL) – G T Tan

Team: Cormac Somerville, Tom Maxwell, Yvonne Deignan, Susan Keenan, Gerry Gilsenan and Bobby McGee. Cormac wrote up the trip report, which included late arrivals, room parties, and poolside buffet dinner with some diners being thrown in the pool. Bowling was in Kalang Bowl with all 62 lanes being used in the team event. Total attendees were about 450. The heat didn’t help the Aer Lingus bowling and no prizes were won. The drink probably didn’t help either. A singsong went on until late led by Aer Lingus, British Airways and KLM. The victory banquet consisted of a very impressive Chinese meal, but some with unadventurous palates, slipped out for McDonalds and were back before the meal ended.


31 July / 2 August 1981: Condor, Frankfurt – Hannes Griessel, Anhelie Bergmann

Team: Greg Baker, Cormac Somerville, Gerry Gilsenan, Jimmy Cummins, Larry and Yvonne Moran, Yvonne Deignan, Anne Bennett. The only ‘Prize’ brought home was Greg’s for a low game of 82. We heard that all enjoyed themselves, particularly Gerry, as it was to be his last trip as he was leaving Aer Lingus for Airmotive Ireland.


9/11 October 1981: British Airways, London – Eric Hoare

Team: Cormac Somerville, Greg Baker, Tom and Kay Maxwell, Yvonne Deignan, Jimmy Cummins.


29 October / 1 November 1981: Continental, Los Angeles – John Stenson

Team: Cormac Somerville, Dermot Cullen, Yvonne Deignan, Anne Bennett, Terry Allen, Tom and Kay Maxwell, Mike and Marie Dunne, Phil Brophy.


5/10 November 1981: Mexicana, Mexico – Jorge Garcia Velasco

Team: Cormac Somerville, Tom and Kay Maxwell, Jimmy and Mary Cummins, Dermot Cullen, Derek Charles, Nickey Power, Bernie Power.


15/17 January 1982: Finnair, Helsinki

Team: Cormac Somerville, Greg Baker, Yvonne Deignan, Ger Herrity, Mary Gallagher, Marie McAndrew


1985: Varig, Rio de Janeiro in Sao Paulo – Hans Beck

Team: Cormac Somerville, Phil Brophy, and Sean Brophy


6/12 July 1986: Gulfair, Bangkok – Sunny Polasit

Team: Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, Bernadette O’Sullivan, Phil Joyce, and Therese Traynor.


2/4 October 1986: Lufthansa, New York

Participants: Dermot & Frances Cullen, Kieran & Marie Keogh, Mick Russell, Kieran Hennessy, Mick Crimmins, John & Dolores Fearn, Les & Patsy Reilly, Eddie Massey, Pat Sweeney, Mick Walsh, Jimmy Long, Brendan Long.

Successes: Les and John F were 3rd in the Doubles event.


4/11 January 1987: Finnair, Helsinki

Cormac Somerville, Greg Baker, Mary Macken, Larry & Yvonne Moran.


28 April / 3 May 1987: Gulfair, Bangkok – Sunny Polasit

Planned participants were Cormac Somerville, John Fearn, Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, Bernadette O’Sullivan, Kieran Hartnett, Jimmy Cummins, Mick Crimmins, Mick Walsh but some did not attend.


5/10 May 1987: Singapore Airlines, Singapore – 20th IABL

Cormac Somerville, Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, Bernadette O’Sullivan


4/8 November 1987: KLM, Amsterdam in Leiden

Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, Mick Crimmins, Tom and Kay Maxwell.


8/12 January 1988: Finnair, Helsinki

Cormac Somerville – Boat trip to Stockholm – weather very bad – seasickness all round.


7/10 April 1988: Lufthansa, Hamburg – Rudi Koster, Uwe Hiller

Participants: Dermot & Frances Cullen, Larry & Yvonne Moran, Jimmy Cummins, Peter Cluskey, Sean Carey, Maria Murphy, Kieran Hennessy, Phil Joyce, Pat Tobin.


29 May / 5 June 1988: Varig, Frankfurt in Wiesbaden (21st IABL) – Hans Beck

Marie McAndrew, Cormac Somerville, Paddy Kilduff.


6/8 October 1988: Lufthansa, New York – Rosemary McCarthy, Horst Adamek

15 participated including Joanne Morgan who was 3rd in both the Ladies Masters and the Ladies Singles.


27/29 October 1988: Continental, Los Angeles – Billy Owens

Dermot Cullen, Larry Moran, Mick Walsh, Mick Crimmins


7/11 May 1989: Pan Am, Miami (22nd IABL) – Tony Arroyo

Phil Brophy and her father Bob, Pat Nally, Marie McAndrew, Pat Tobin, Kieran Hennessy.


1/7 October 1989: Interline Club of Thailand, Bangkok – Sunny Polasit

Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, Mick Doyle.


2/5 November 1989: KLM, Amsterdam – Eddy Wattimena

Tom & Rose Maxwell, Jimmy & Mary Cummins, Mick Crimmins, Kieran Hennessy, Pat Nally, Brenda Beakey, Joanne Morgan, Les Reilly. Others travelled to support.


20/26 May 1990: Malaysia Airlines, Kuala Lumpur (23rd IABL) – Alan Chase Currier

Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, Phil Joyce, Mick Doyle


7/10 September 1990: British Airways, London in Bournemouth – Dot Garrett

Don Palmer, Brendan Spain, Dave Godwin


4/6 October 1990: Lufthansa, New York

Attendees: Jimmy & Mary Cummins, Greg & Pauline Baker, Eddie Massey, Andy Breen, Brendan Long, John Fearn, Mick Russell, Kieran Hennessy, Tony O’Connor, Joanne Morgan, Phil Joyce, Mick Gallagher, Kieran Keogh, Christy & Bernie Redmond. Successes: Mick G and John were 2nd in the Men’s Doubles.


22/26 March 1991: American Airlines, Dallas – Oliver Mitchell

Attendees: Dave & Anne Godwin, Brendan & Frances Spain, Don & Rose Palmer, Liam & Anne Carter, Niall & Patricia McSwiney, Eddie & Lily Gallagher, Jimmy & Mary Cummins, Marie McAndrew, Phil Joyce, Mick Crimmins, Cheryl Rosenfeld


31 July / 4 August 1991: Condor, Frankfurt (24th IABL)

Attendees: Phil Joyce, Phil Brophy, Marie McAndrew. Successes: 5th in Team with Carol Phelps. Marie and Phil J. were 5th in Doubles and Marie qualified for the Ladies Masters.


29 September / 1 October 1991: Gulfair, Bangkok, Thailand – Sunny Polasit

Phil Brophy, Marie McAndrew, Mick Doyle, Lynn Durham, Noeleen O’Reilly.


24/27 October 1991: Continental, Los Angeles – Billy Owens

Phil & Stephen Joyce


14/17 November 1991: KLM, Amsterdam – in Leiden – Eddy Wattimena

Joanne Morgan, Marie McAndrew, Mick & Cheryl Crimmins – for one night as supporters.


25/28 June 1992: Canadian Airlines International, Vancouver – Bill Haff

Attendees: Jim & Lynn Durham, Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, Phil Joyce, James Derham, John Kavanagh.  Successes: Marie and Phil J. won the Ladies’ Doubles (1049 + 60 = 1109).


1/4 October 1992: Lufthansa, New York

Attendees: Phil & Bob Brophy, Mick Gallagher, Kieran Keogh, Pat Nally, John, Dolores & Noelle Fearn, Pat & Una Tobin, Brenda Beakey, Mick Russell, Christy & Bernie Redmond, Phil Joyce, Joanne Morgan, Therese Traynor, Eddie Massey, John & Rose Dillon, Jim & Lynn Durham, Dave & Anne Godwin, Andy Breen, Brendan & Frances Spain, Pat & Helen Sweeney, Peter & Sadie Kelly, Noeleen O’Reilly. 59 teams took part. Success: Mick G won the high Aer Lingus game and received $70.


29 October / 1 November 1992: KLM, Amsterdam in Leiden – Eddy Wattimena

James Derham, Kieran Hennessy, Phil & Stephen Joyce, John Kavanagh, Joanne Morgan, Nicola Noone.


31 March / 3 April 1993: Qantas, Sydney

Marie McAndrew – Tournament very good with 33 teams.


9/11 September 1993: British Airways, London

Seven attended as supporters for one day:  Nicola Noone, Mick Gallagher, Joanne Morgan, Phil Joyce, Therese Traynor, Marie McAndrew, Paddy Kilduff.


4/7 November 1993: KLM, Amsterdam

Attendees: Christy & Bernie Redmond, Eddie Massey, Kieran Hennessy, Pat & Una Tobin, John and Rose Dillon, Joanne Morgan, Phil Joyce, Mick Russell, Dermot & Frances Cullen, Larry & Yvonne Moran.  Successes: John & Christy were 2nd in Doubles. John was 2nd overall and Christy 3rd. Joanne qualified for Masters.  Bernie won a pin and bowling ball for the low game.


11/14 November 1993: Gulfair, Bangkok

Phil Brophy, James Derham, Mick Doyle, Mick Gallagher, Peter & Sadie Kelly, Nicola Noone, Noeleen & Christy O’Reilly. Got free Executive Class tickets form Gulfair for staff.


8/11 September 1994: KLM Amsterdam in Hoofdorp – Andre Pijlman

Phil Joyce, Joanne Morgan, Eddie Massey, Paddy Dunne, Tom Maxwell, Tony Byrne. Tom Maxwell made the Masters. Some others travelled for one night for the “party”.


27/29 October 1994: Lufthansa, New York – Horst Adamek, Rosemary McCarthy

Attendees: Marie McAndrew, Noeleen O’Reilly, Therese Traynor, Joanne Morgan, Phil Joyce, Nicola Noone, Michael Gallagher, James Derham, Paddy Dunne, John & Catherine Moran, Peter & Sadie Kelly, Eddie Massey, Kieran Hennessy, Mick Russell, Frank Farrelly, Pat & Gigi Nally. Successes: Joanne and James qualified for the Masters. Halloween Fancy Dress on Friday night.


3/5 November 1994: Continental, Los Angeles in Las Vegas – Lynn Imai

Attendees: Michael Gallagher, James Derham, Paddy Dunne, Nicola Noone, Phil Joyce, and Therese Traynor. The only success we can claim is that James Long (ex Aer Lingus) bowling for Qantas, Sydney made the Masters. Laurie Garrett of British Airways had the first 300 game at an airline tournament.


4/10 June 1995: Gulfair, Bangkok – Sunny Polasit

Attendees: Phil Brophy, Noeleen O’Reilly


2/5 November 1995: KLM, Amsterdam in Leiden - Andre Pijlman

Attendees: Nicola Noone, Joanne Morgan, Noeleen O’Reilly, Dolores Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Paddy Dunne, Mick Gallagher.


26/30 May 1996: Malaysian Airlines, Kuala Lumpur (29 IABL) – Alan Chase Currier

Attendees: Phil & Bob Brophy, Marie McAndrew. Successes: Marie and Phil were 2nd in the Ladies Scratch Team bowling with Wendy Lim and Alice Wang of Singapore Airlines. Marie qualified in 8th place for the Masters and also finished in 8th. Marie was elected Secretary of the IABL.


3/6 October 1996: Malaysian Airlines, Kuching – Joseph Peri

Attendees: Phil Brophy, Marie McAndrew


15/17 October 1996: Lufthansa, New York (VII) in Orlando – Horst Adamek

Bowlers: Tom Maxwell, John Fearn, Paddy Dunne, Mick Gallagher, Dave Godwin, Brendan Spain, Eddie Massey, John Kavanagh, Phil Joyce, Nicola Noone, Noeleen O’Reilly, Pat & Gigi Nally; Supporters: Christy O’Reilly, Taylor & Katie Nally, Stephen Joyce, Kevin Wattimena, Noelle Fearn. Successes: Mick, Tom, John F and Noeleen qualified for the Masters. Mick finished in 3rd place.


2/7 June 1997: South African, Capetown (30th IABL) – Petro Du Piesanie

Attendees: Marie McAndrew and Therese Traynor


7/8 November 1997: KLM, Amsterdam in Amstelveen – Andre Pijlman

Bowlers: Tommy Fetherston, John & Rose Dillon, Eddie Massey, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Dunne, John Kavanagh, Brendan Spain, Pat & Gigi Nally, Noeleen O’Reilly, Phil Joyce, Dave Godwin, Jim Redmond. Supporters: Linda Fetherston, Phyllis Van Black, Frances Spain, Stephen Joyce and Kevin Wattimena. 5 others made a day trip. Successes: Paddy, John D, Mick and Tommy were 2nd in the Team All Events. Mick also qualified for the Masters.


12/15 November 1997: Gulfair, Bangkok – Sunny Polasit

Attendees: Phil Brophy, Noeleen O’Reilly


17/22 April 1998: MAS, Kuching

Attendees: Phil Brophy, James Rafter – very few airlines attended


10/14 May 1998: TWA, St Louis (31 IABL)

Attendees: Tom Maxwell, Marie McAndrew, John Fearn, Mick Gallagher, Paddy Dunne, Phyllis Van Black, Paddy Kilduff, Therese Traynor plus Cormac Somerville. Successes: Tom and Paddy K were 2nd in Men Doubles. Tom, Paddy, John and Marie qualified for the Masters. Marie finished 3rd and was also on the Ladies Team in 3rd place. Loss: Paddy D’s bowling balls were stolen in O’Hare Airport, Chicago, on the way home.


9/13 May 1999: SIA Group, Singapore (32 IABL) – G T Tan

Attendees: John Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Marie McAndrew, Therese Traynor, Peter Kelly, Tom & Angela Marum. Success: Marie was on the 2nd Ladies Team with SIA.


17/20 October 1999: Gulfair, Bangkok – Sunny Polasit

Attendee: Phil Brophy


11/14 November 1999: KLM, Amsterdam in Amstelveen – Gerrit Kunst

Bowlers: John Dillon, Tom Maxwell, Mick Gallagher, Paul C Kelly, Carol Cottell, Dolores Fearn, Linda Fetherston, Noeleen O’Reilly, Tommy Fetherston, Kieran Hennessy, Christy Redmond, Paddy Dunne, Phyllis Van black, Deirdre Goulding, Rita Kebbell, Cinny Nolan, Eddie Massey, Niall McSwiney, Dave Godwin, Brendan Spain. Supporters: Bernie Redmond, Patricia McSwiney, Frances Spain, and Rose Dillon. Successes: John Dillon, Tom Maxwell, Mick Gallagher, Paul C Kelly won the Team All Event and were 2nd in the Team of Four. John and Tom were also 2nd, while Mick and Paul were 3rd in the Doubles. Phil Joyce, John Dillon and Tom Maxwell qualified for the Masters.


7/11 May 2000: Aer Lingus, Dublin (33 IABL) – Paddy Kilduff, John Dillon, Pat Tobin 

Bowlers: Tom Maxwell, Pat Power, Paddy Kilduff, John Fearn, Dolores Fearn, Phil Joyce, Clem Beakey, Marie McAndrew, Brendan Beakey, John Moran, Terry Duignam, Paddy Dunne, Phil Brophy, Rita Kebbell, Yvonne Duignam, Liz Hoey, Pat Nally, Mick Gallagher, Rory O’Loughlin, Ciaran Kilduff, Jimmy Redmond. Successes: Tom, Pat P, Paddy K and John were 3rd in the “Julio Noriega” Team Handicap Cup. Pat Nally, with Brenda Hinchey were 2nd in the Mixed Doubles. Dolores, Phil J, Pat P and Tom qualified for the Masters. 56 Teams of Four took part.


14/18 September 2000: Lufthansa, Frankfurt – Neils Aulinger

Bowlers: John Fearn, Brendan Spain, Paddy Kilduff, John Dillon, Paddy Dunne, Tommy Fetherston, Noeleen O’Reilly, Dolores Fearn, Linda Fetherston, Phyllis Van Black, Rose Dillon, Eddie Massey, Stephen Kebbell. Supporters: Margaret Kilduff, Frances Spain, and Melanie Linke. Successes: Dolores, Noeleen with Ulrike Rederer won the Ladies Trios, while Rose, Linda and Phyllis were 3rd. Activities included a tram tour of “Frankfurt by Night” and a riverboat trip on the Rhine from Wiesbaden to Loreley and back.


27/30 October 2000: Malaysian, Kuching – Tajul Arafin

Bowlers: Phil Joyce, Eddy Wattimena, Mick Doyle, Maura Gallagher, Phil Brophy, Noeleen O’Reilly, Marie McAndrew, Tom Marum. Anne Marie O’Neill. Supporters: Angela Marum, Jimmy Rafter, Barbara Rafter, Stephen Joyce, and Kevin Wattimena. Success: Marie had the Ladies High Game.


4/8 May 2001: Ansett, Melbourne in Surfers Paradise (34 IABL) – Andrew Bottomley

Bowlers: John Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Paddy Kilduff, Paddy Dunne, Marie McAndrew, and John Moran. Supporters: Margaret Kilduff, Phyllis Van Black, and Anne Mitchell. 55 teams took part.


28 October / 1 November 2001: 13 FEIBT, Bangkok – Tick Vongkositkul

Phil Brophy, Noeleen O’Reilly. Noeleen qualified for the Masters.


8/11 November 2001: KLM, Amsterdam, in Amstelveen – Raino Picauley

Bowlers: Mick Gallagher, John Dillon, Paul C Kelly, Tom Maxwell, Paddy Dunne, Tommy Fetherston, Christy Redmond, Kieran Hennessy, Terry & Yvonne Duignam, Eddy Wattimena, Phil Joyce, Phyllis Van Black, Trish Bermingham, Rita Kebbell, Cinny Nolan, Rose Dillon, Linda Fetherston, Carol Cottell, Deirdre Kelly, Una Ryan, Noeleen O’Reilly, Gigi Nally, Dolores Fearn, Paddy Kilduff, John Fearn, John Moran, Brendan Spain, Eddie Massey, Niall McSwiney, Pat Nally, Jimmy Redmond, Frances Spain. Supporters: Margaret Kilduff, Patricia McSwiney, Bernie Redmond, Christy O’Reilly, Stephen Joyce, and Kevin Wattimena. Successes: Noeleen was 2nd in the Masters. Brendan and Paddy K were 2nd in the Doubles. Mick, Tom, Paul and John were 3rd overall team. Mick and Phil also qualified for the Masters.


5/9 April 2002: Thai, Bangkok (35 IABL) – Anussorn Naksrichum, Arrun Jomsawun

Bowlers: Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, John Fearn, Tom Maxwell, and Eddie Massey. Supporters: Therese Traynor, Margaret Kilduff. Successes: John made the Masters and Tom won a 16-diamond ring in a raffle. 44 teams of four took part. A birthday cake was presented to Eddie Massey by the organisers with all the Thai dancers involved.  Lots of shopping was done, lead by Eddie, and tours with early starts (up at 04.30) were enjoyed.


17/21 September 2002: Emirates, Dubai (1st WABC) – Mohammed Alkhaja

Bowlers: Brendan Spain, Dermot Cullen, Paddy Kilduff, Tom Maxwell, Eddy Wattimena, Peter Kelly, Phil & Stephen Joyce, Barbara Minchin, Eddie Massey, Frances Cullen, Noeleen O’Reilly. Supporters: Frances Spain, Margaret Kilduff, Sadie Kelly, and Kevin Wattimena. Successes: Stephen, Tommy, Dermot, Paddy, Brendan, Phil and Noeleen qualified for the Masters.  Stephen was presented with a medal, as he was the best Aer Lingus bowler and the youngest at the tournament.


12/16 June 2003: Finnair, Helsinki (36 IABL)

Bowlers: Marie McAndrew, Phil Brophy, John Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Paddy Kilduff, Peter Kelly, Paddy Dunne. Supporters: Eddie Massey, Sadie Kelly, Margaret Kilduff, and Phyllis Van Black. Successes: Tom and Paddy K were 2nd in the Doubles (missing 1st by one pin) and they qualified for the Masters along with John. Some made a side trip by ship to Tallinn in Estonia and Eddie did more shopping.


30 August / 3 September 2003: Thai, Bangkok in Phuket (FEIBT)

Paddy Dunne, Phyllis Van Black, Phil Brophy, Noeleen O’Reilly, Roisin Cloake, Barbara Minchin.


6/9 November 2003: KLM, Amsterdam in Amstelveen – Andre Pijlman

Bowlers: Tom Maxwell, John Dillon, Mick Gallagher, Paul C Kelly, Jimmy Redmond, Paddy Dunne, Brendan Spain, Paddy Kilduff, Pat Nally, Kieran Hennessy, Eddie Massey, Tommy Fetherston, Frances Spain, Deirdre Kelly, Carol Cottell, Trish Bermingham, Rita Kebbell, Noeleen O’Reilly, Cinny Nolan, Barbara Minchin, Roisin Cloake, Brian Mulligan, Eddy Wattimena, Phil Joyce, Stephen Joyce, Gareth Neary. Supporters: Margaret Kilduff, Linda Fetherston, Rose Dillon, Anne & Sarah Redmond, Joanne Morgan, Phyllis Van Black, Gigi Nally, Kevin Wattimena. Successes: Stephen Joyce qualified 1st for the Masters (212 ave). Paul C Kelly also qualified. Stephen and Gareth Neary were 2nd in the Doubles and, with Eddie Wattimena and Phil Joyce, were 4th in the Team and 3rd Overall. Nicknames discovered: Aer Lingus: Stompie, Arnie, Skipper, Pecker, Spanner, Killer, Henno, Diddler, Winger, Big T, Wimmo, Bomber, Titch, Allfat, Crutch, Big Bird, Dizzy, Biddie, Wino, Halfpint, Gabby, Barnie, Texas, Mother Goose, Chan. Others: Hammy, Killer, Stinker, Minting, Squirrel, Suzie Q. If you know who you are tell your friends.


25/29 April 2004: Continental, Los Angeles in Las Vegas (37 IABL) – Lynn Imai

Bowlers: John Fearn, Paddy Dunne, Pat Nally, Paddy Kilduff, Peter Kelly, Kieran Hennessy, John Moran, Mick Gallagher, Jack Ryan, Brian Mulligan, Liz Hoey, Marie McAndrew, Rita Kebbell, Phil Brophy, Phil Joyce. Supporters: Phyllis Van Black, Margaret Kilduff, Kathleen & Jennifer Ryan, Eddy Wattimena, Noeleen O’Reilly, Carol Cottell, Therese Traynor, Gigi, Taylor & Katie Nally.  Successes: Rita and Phil J were 2nd in the Ladies Doubles. Paddy K qualified for the Masters. John, Paddy*2 and Pat were 4th in the Team Scratch, just missing out on a prize. 63 teams of four played in the event.


21/25 September 2004: Emirates, Dubai (2nd WABC) – Mohammed Alkhaja

Bowlers: Phil Brophy, Eddy Wattimena, Phil Joyce, Stephen Joyce, Brian Mulligan, Barbara Minchin, Roisin Cloake, Fergal McLoughlin. Supporters: Kevin Wattimena, and Barbara Cullen.



Airline Tournament Participation


2/4 April 1976: Alitalia, Rome

Team: Roger Bourke, John Kenny, John Fearn, Finlay Colley, Anne Bennett.


28 September 1979: British Airways, London

Attendees: Cormac Somerville, John Fearn


18/24 November 1979: Thai, Bangkok

Attendees: Mary Gallagher, Marie McAndrew


18/20 January 1980: Finnair, Helsinki

Participants: Cormac Somerville, Greg Baker, Jimmy Cummins, Kieran Keogh, Rosemary Roe, Ger Herrity, Mary O’Malley, Brendan and Clem Beakey.


24/27 April 1980: Mexicana, Mexico (XII IABL) – Jose Garcia Valesco

Cormac Somerville


17/19 August 1984: 4th Aviation Tournament, Vienna, Austria

Team: Marie McAndrew and Phil Brophy. Supporter: Nickey Power


12/13 October 1984: 1st Lufthansa, New York – Rosemary McCarthy, Horst Adamek

Team: John Fearn, Larry Moran, Kieran Hartnett, Paddy Sweeney


9/11 November 1984: KLM, Amsterdam in Leiden – Eddy Wattimena

Team: Greg Baker, Jimmy Cummins, Tony McDunphy, Les Reilly. Supporters: Mary Cummins, Patsy Reilly




Inter Airline Friendlies



Trip to Birmingham Interline Club – May 1967

An Aer Lingus team of Alec Nixon, Dick Creagh, Terry Davis, Gerry Gilsenan, Dermot Cullen and Rory O’Loughlin travelled to Birmingham in May 1967 and to play a friendly and won! Alec’s wife and son also travelled.


Trip to Aarhus, Denmark – September 1969

Eddie Reid, Aer Lingus Sales Manager for Denmark, arranged a challenge match between an Aer Lingus team and the local bowling club in Aarhus. The Aer Lingus group included Dick Creagh, Cliff & Anne Bennett, Dermot Cullen, Rory O’Loughlin, Paddy Kilduff, Terry Davis, Carol Lambe, Tommy & Kay Maxwell, Flann Conroy, Pat & Joan O’Brien. We left Dublin 5 hours late, due to fog, in a Boeing 707 (with stretchers). All flights were full out of Copenhagen so we went by car and ferry to Aarhus. One of the cars broke down several times ran into fog eventually arriving at 02.30. We partied until 05.00. Up at 08.30 for bowling practice, coach trip, cruise and climb the highest mountain in Denmark (500 ft). Bowling at 18.30 and well beaten. Meal and party and 3 hours sleep. Flights full back to Copenhagen so some went by car. An enjoyable trip!  


Varig, Frankfurt to Dublin – September 1979 – Hans Beck

We hosted Varig in our homes in Dublin. We spent Friday night in the ‘old’ ALSAA clubhouse, bowling was in Stillorgan on Saturday, in Team and Doubles, and a party, with a barrel of Smithwicks by way of Gerry Gilsenan, was held in Kilduff’s in Swords on Saturday night. The Germans introduced us to some new party games!!! We did a city tour on Sunday including a visit to the Papal Cross in the Phoenix Park. The home team of Tom Maxwell, Bobbie Barnwell, Mike Dunne and Des Long won with 2116 (176 ave).


Trip to Varig, Frankfurt – December 1979 – Hans Beck

Varig invited us to Frankfurt for New Year’s Eve fireworks and also put us up in their homes. Dermot and Frances Cullen, Greg and Pauline Baker, Rory and Mora O’Loughlin and Paddy Kilduff took up the offer. Bowling was in Kelsterbach and a party was held in Hans and Monika Beck’s hose. Virpi Jousi from Finnair also attended.


British Airways, London in Dublin – August 1981

We hosted a visit by British Airways in August 1981. The visitors were hosted as follows: Ron Misseldine – Cormac Somerville, Roger Beenham – Greg Baker, Eric Hoare – Rory O’Loughlin, Maggie Mulford – Brendan Beakey, John Bamford – Mary Gallagher, Mike Bezzina – Mick Gallagher, Merv Langridge – John Fearn, John Nixey and Jim Ewing – Tom Maxwell.

The Friday League was still on in Stillorgan so the guests came out and adjourned to the Stillorgan Orchard later. All were back in Stillorgan on Saturday morning for “Low Score Bowling” with house balls. The winning team were John Nixey, Tom Maxwell, Phil Brophy and Gerry Gilsenan with 1203. Cormac Somerville had the lowest series with 238 for three games and Rory O’Loughlin and Jon Nixey had the lowest games with 61.

Saturday night started with 39 attending the Cabaret, with Ginger, in the Old Sheiling and finished with the ‘Barrel of Smithwicks party in Kilduff’s in Swords, with all instructed to get a ‘one and one’ on the way. The challenge of emptying the barrel resumed again on Sunday afternoon. A raffle at £1 each was run to guess the time the barrel would run out. Eric Hoare won the £15 with a time of 16.37. Eric bought a round at the airport before the visitors eventually left on the last flight to London, with the job well done.

The phrases “At least Merv….” and “Shitzo” are noted in the records as memorable from the weekend, so maybe someone with a good memory can say why.


British Airways, London in Dublin – November 1983

As both British Airways and us had been knocked out in the early stages of ASIA this season we hosted BA in our homes and played an ASIA type event in ALSAA. This was our only time to beat BA (11107 to 11086, 173.6 to 173.2); but then it was a “friendly” so they were “trying out” some players.


Trip to British Airways, London – November 1985

A return match was arranged in London with Aer Lingus being put up in BA homes. The bowling was at the Airport Bowl.


Sabena, Brussels in Dublin - July 1990

A group of eleven from Sabena paid a visit for a friendly match. They stayed at the Airport Hotel. As well as bowling in ALSAA trips were made to Malahide Castle on Friday afternoon, Gallagher’s Boxty House and Mother Redcap’s on Saturday night, and Killiney Castle (for Jazz) and Glendalough on Sunday. Six teams played and the Aer Lingus Team of Brendan Clare, Christy Redmond, Paddy Sweeney, Mick Russell and Clem Beakey won. The best Doubles were Brenda Beakey and Brendan Clare. Gust Van Namen of Sabena bowled the High Game of 228.



Trip to British Airways, London – April 1993

24 Aer Lingus bowlers travelled to London to play an Adult/Junior in the Airport Bowl against British Airways, who won the overall event. Alex Hamilton & Steve Offord were the Top Doubles with 1367, while Fiona & Paddy Kilduff were 2nd with 1358 with Anne Marie Kelly & Brendan Beakey in 3rd with 1253. These three pairs qualified for the Step Ladder Final, which made no change to the positions.


British Airways, London in Dublin – December 1993

14 British Airways bowlers attended. Aer Lingus won by 14 pins. Deirdre and Paddy Kilduff won the Step-ladder Final. High Series (4) (Boys): Stephen Kebbell – 698 and High Game – 210, but won by Stephen Whitrod – 187. High Series (4) (Girls): Deirdre Kilduff – 640 and High Game – 190, but won by Natasha Reilly – 166.


Trip to British Airways, London – February 1995

20 Aer Lingus bowlers travelled this time. The competition was 10 Adult/Junior Doubles each. Roy Barnes bowled a 258 for BA and was matched by Mick Gallagher bowling a 266. But despite this British Airways won by 814 pins. Ciaran Kilduff was the best EI boy with 675 (4) while Deirdre was the best EI girl with 622 (4).


British Airways, London in Dublin – August 1995

14 British Airways bowlers travelled. We loaned them two in order to play 8 sets of Doubles each.  BA won by 272 pins. Mick Gallagher and Kieran McCann (367) won the Step-ladder Final beating Nicola Noone and Stephen Kebbell (337) who in turn had beaten (327) Roy & David Barnes (321). Anne-Marie Kelly (167) and David Barnes (212) bowled the Best Girl’s and Boy’s games.



An Airline Visitor’s Reflections by Susan Zotti


Although not an official member of ALSAA, as one of the more frequent out of town visitors, I would like to offer my personal congratulations on this 40th anniversary celebration and share some of my reflections of this great organization.


My history with ALSAA and its members goes back to 1979, when I attended my first Aer Lingus International Airline Bowling Tournament.  At the time I represented Continental Airlines Chicago, and in that year, I was one of the attendees affectionately referred to as a “rookie” -- new to the airlines, but more especially new to the tournament.  In fact, it was my very first international airline tournament.  And oh what a time it was!


Those were the old days; Jury’s Hotel, Stillorgan Bowl, and the famous (or should I say, infamous) “old ALSAA club house”, where the Fun Day activities took place – a combination of planned games, impromptu skits, jokes, and pranks by a number of self-appointed clowns, all to the true enjoyment of the crowd, who covered its floor virtually wall to wall.  The interesting thing about the old ALSAA club house was that despite its small size and rather shabby appearance, it turned out to be the highlight of the tournament. (Of course, complete details of those highlights shall remain buried with it, mainly for the protection of the innocent.)


As the years passed and I continued to return to the tournaments, now from Los Angeles, and now as a “regular”, new rookies emerged and the locations of the old days were replaced with a new club house and bowling center.  But what remained constant through all of the subsequent twenty tournaments that I attended, was the warmth and hospitality of the ALSAA members who welcomed me back time and time again; strangers that first year, who quickly became good friends.  In my mind, the tournament truly became an annual reunion, with a little bowling thrown into the mix.


So along with the congratulations, I would like to add my thanks to the ALSAA members.  Because of you, I have had the unique opportunity to visit and learn about Ireland first-hand, through the eyes of its sons and daughters.  Thanks for leading me through city tours and seemingly endless countryside, visiting everything along the way, from cathedrals to castles to pubs (usually in that order).  But most of all thanks for the lasting memories and friendships that will remain forever in my heart.



Happy 40th Year


You started these bowling tournaments; to make new friends,
With many happy people, from all over the world,
Who bring with them a touch of springtime to Ireland,
Just to roll a bowling ball.

You also gave us games to play,
Wet T-shirt, beer drinking contest, musical chairs, and a lot more,
The quiz we had walking by the seaside,
I think of them still.

From great food at Malahide, over looking the sea,
To Johnnie Fox Pub up in Glen Cullen in the Dublin Mountains,
And back down in Dublin to the Guinness Brewery on the top,
And start to bowl at ALSAA Bowl, that's a lot.

Forty years time has caught up with us all,
Our hair back then was black, and we walked taller,
It's now gray, and we're not as strong,
But we keep bowling right along.

The friends we met, all got better with time,
Some say it's just like fine wine,
Bowling is here to stay,
Look how fast forty years, just passed away.

Thank you for the fun,
Continue with your run,
Before we know it forty more will have passed
And for sure, bowling will last.

                                                                Robert M. Starks

                                                                Continental Airlines

                                                                Los Angeles


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