ITBA Championships


Achievements by Club Members in the Annual ITBA Championships, where known, are shown below.


1967 – Stillorgan: Dermot Cullen, Gerry Gilsenan: 1st – Men Doubles


1968 – Stillorgan: Dermot Cullen: 2nd – Men Singles


1969 – Stillorgan: Dermot Cullen, Gerry Gilsenan: 1st - Men Doubles


1974 – Stillorgan: 1st Five-Man Team Handicap


1980 – Stillorgan: Pat Power: 3rd – Men Singles Handicap.

Paddy Kilduff with Santo Susanto:  3rd – Men Doubles Handicap


1981 – Stillorgan: Brendan Beakey, Rory O’Loughlin: 2nd – Men Doubles Handicap


1983 – Stillorgan: Jim Delaney: 1st – Senior Citizens Singles Handicap (625)

Brendan Beakey: 2nd – Senior Citizens Singles Handicap (622)

Greg Baker, John Fearn: 2nd – Doubles Handicap (1255)

Cliff Bennett, Dermot Cullen, Des Long, Tom Maxwell, Cormac Somerville: 2nd Fives Handicap (2966)


1984 – Stillorgan: Brendan Beakey: 1st – Senior Citizens Singles Handicap (663)

Cormac Somerville, with Paddy Gibbons and Philip Dunne: 3rd – Trios Scratch


1985 – Stillorgan: Brendan Beakey, Cliff Bennett, Michael Gallagher, Paddy Kilduff, Willie Maxwell: 3rd – Fives Handicap (2960)

The ITBA “Year Book” for 1984/95 also shows ITBA Achievement awards being presented to Rory O’Loughlin for a 265 game and Cormac Somerville for a 654 series.


1988: Cliff Bennett: 3rd – Senior Singles Handicap (610)


1991 – Handicap in Tallaght in May: Brendan Beakey, Paul C Kelly, Sean Delaney, Dave McDonnell, Mike Dunne: 3rd  - Fives

Paul C Kelly, Sean Delaney: 3rd – Doubles

Jack Goulding: 3rd – Senior Singles

Paul C Kelly bowled two 650+ series in the event – 658 and 669.


1992 – Scratch in Bray in February: Brendan Clare, Paul C Kelly, Sean Delaney, Tom Maxwell, Paddy Kilduff: 3rd - Fives Scratch (2813).

Brendan Clare, Paul C Kelly, Sean Delaney: 3rd – Trios Scratch (1850) - set new championships Trios Game record: 229-235-257=721 

Paul C Kelly: 3rd – Singles Scratch (1076), Qualified 4th for Masters (ave. 208) and finished 7th.


1992Handicap Championships: In May in XL Bowl Paul C Kelly, Brendan Beakey, Sean Delany, Dave McDonnell and Mike Dunne (blind) were 3rd in the Fives.  Jack Goulding was 3rd in the Senior Singles. Paul C Kelly and Dave McDonnell were 3rd in the Doubles.


1993 – Scratch Championships in Tallaght: Tommy Maxwell: 1st – Senior Singles (813, 203 ave)


1993 – Handicap Championships: Preliminary rounds in a number of centres, including ALSAA, with the final in Coliseum Cork in September, run by the Munster Tenpin Bowling Association. Our successes were:

Peter Kelly and John Dillon: 2nd – Men’s Doubles

Nicola Noone: 3rd – Ladies Singles

Brendan Beakey: 3rd – Senior Men Singles

Noeleen O’Reilly: 3rd – Senior Ladies Singles


1994 – Scratch Championships in Stillorgan: Deirdre Kilduff: 3rd – Ladies Fours


1994 - Handicap Championships:  There were again qualifying rounds in each centre with the Finals in Coolock in September. Our medal winners were:

Joanne Morgan and Tommy Maxwell: 2nd – Mixed Doubles

Bill Jones and Kay Mooney: 3rd – Mixed Doubles

Peter Kelly: 3rd – Senior Men Singles

Clem Beakey: 1st – Senior Ladies Singles

Mark O’Riordan and Ger Brady: 3rd – Men Doubles

Mark O’Riordan: High: Average (202), Game (237), Series (607).


1995 – Handicap Championships: Again played in ALSAA with the winners going to the National Finals in Stillorgan.  Our club medals winners were: Paddy Kilduff: 1st – Men Singles

Peter Kelly and Marc Mooney: 2nd – Men Doubles


1996 – Handicap Championships: National Finals in Tallaght.  ALSAA success this year were: Tommy Maxwell: 1st – Senior Men Singles

Brendan Clare: 2nd – Senior Men Singles

Brendan Clare and Tommy Maxwell: 1st – Men Doubles


1998 – Del Delany won the All Events in the Scratch Championships in Tallaght and qualified to play in Denmark in August 1998.


2000 – Scratch Championships: The following club members won medals:

Del Delany: 2nd – Men Doubles, with son Paul

Del Delany: 3rd – Men Trios

Alan McDonnell and Del Delany: 2nd – Men Fives.

Del also won the Singles, Doubles, and Team of Four events in the Isle of Man Team Challenge in March 2000, in which Tom Maxwell was the best Isle of Man bowler.


2001 – Scratch Championships: Some successes in February in Leisureplex Coolock.

Michele O’Connor: 1st – Ladies Doubles, with Lorraine Weldon.

Michele O’Connor: 2nd – Ladies Trios and Ladies Fours.

Del Delany: 1st – Men Doubles, with Luigi Sacco and 2nd – Men Fives.

Stephen Kebbell, Marc Mooney and Paul C Kelly: 3rd – Men Trios


2002 – Jeanette McGuinness was 1st in the Masters, Singles and Doubles in the Handicap Championships in Tallaght in March. She also had a 2nd in the Trios.


2004 – In the Scratch Championships in Stillorgan in February Paul Stott, Jnr. and Fergal McLoughlin were 3rd in Doubles, 1st in Trios and 3rd in Fives, while Paul was 3rd in Singles and Masters.



ITBA Senior Championships


Where medals are known to have been won by Club Members in the Annual Championships held in January, details are shown below.


1997 in Leisureplex Coolock

John Moran, Brendan Beakey: 3rd – Men Doubles

Tom Maxwell, Brendan Beakey, Paddy Kilduff: 2nd – Men Trios

Cliff Bennett, John Moran, Terry Bride: 3rd – Men Trios

Noeleen O’Reilly, Dolores Fearn, Joan Mulcahy: 1st – Ladies Trios

Tom Maxwell: 1st – Men Singles

Cliff Bennett, Yvonne Randall: 1st – Mixed Doubles

Brendan Clare: 3rd – Men All Events Final


2000 in Superdome

Del Delany: 1st All Events Masters.


2001 in Leisureplex Coolock

John Moran, Eddie Monks: 1st – Men Doubles Handicap

Tom Maxwell, Frank Stobie: 2nd – Men Doubles Handicap

Paddy Kilduff: 2nd – Men Singles Handicap

Tom Maxwell, Paddy Kilduff, Pat Hall: 1st – Men Trios Handicap

Paddy Dunne, John Moran, Eddie Monks: 2nd – Men Trios Handicap


2002 in Leisureplex Coolock

Paddy Kilduff: 1st – Men Singles Scratch

Eddy Wattimena: 2nd – Men Singles Handicap

John Moran, Paddy Kilduff: 1st – Men Doubles Handicap

Tommy Maxwell, Eddy Wattimena, and Mick Gallagher: 3rd – Men Trios Scratch

Noeleen O’Reilly: 2nd – Ladies Trios Scratch


2003 in Leisureplex Stillorgan

Del Delany: 1st – All Events Masters

Del Delany: 1st – Men Singles Handicap

Paddy Kilduff: 3rd – Men Singles Handicap

Peter Kelly, Del Delany: 2nd – Men Doubles Scratch

John Moran, Paddy Kilduff: 2nd – Men Doubles Handicap

Paddy Dunne, Peter Kelly and Del Delany: 2nd – Men Trios Scratch

John Moran, Eddy Wattimena and Paddy Kilduff: 2nd – Men Trios Handicap


2004 in Leisureplex Tallaght

John Moran, Paddy Kilduff: 1st – Men Doubles Handicap

John Moran, Pat Holmes: 3rd – Mixed Doubles

Tom Maxwell with Ray and Tom Byrne: 1st – Men Trios Scratch




British National Senior Championships


Club members played in these events, as follows.


1994 – 1st British National Senior Championships: Tom Maxwell and Paddy Kilduff played in this Singles event, held in the Airport Bowl in London. Tommy finished in 3rd place.


1995 – 2nd British National Senior Championships: Tom Maxwell and Paddy Kilduff again played in this event in the Airport Bowl. Paddy cashed in 5th place.



National Representation by Club Members


Ireland – Netherlands Challenges

The first record we have of a Club Member playing on a National Team was Greg Baker in a challenge against the Netherlands in Stillorgan on 3/4 August 1980. Ireland won and Greg averaged 174 for 10 games.


The Dutch arranged a return trip for 19/20 September 1981 for The Hague and Greg and Paddy Kilduff were took part.


Paddy also played in the next competition in Dublin in October 82.


In August 84 ALSAA was used for the Team of Five event, but no ALSAA bowlers were on the team.


The Hague visited Dublin again in August 1986. Marie McAndrew and John Fearn were selected for Ireland. John won the Individual Trophy. A Fun Bowl was run in ALSAA for the combined bowler teams with a number of club members also taking part.


In the match in 1988 Brendan Kelly and John Kerrigan were selected to play. The Irish team won.


European Gold Cup

In 1985 qualifying rounds for the European Gold Cup were run in ALSAA. Club members Niamh Kilgallon, Joanne Morgan, John Breen and John Hand qualified for the National Final, also in ALSAA, with Joanne and John B winning their respective sections. They travelled to Athens to represent Ireland in the European Finals.


John Breen again won the National Final in 1986 and played in the European Final in Amsterdam. The club bought him a ball in recognition of his achievement. Cormac and Tommy travelled to the Netherlands to support John, who finished in eighth place.


In 1988 the ALSAA qualifiers were Eileen McDermott, Joanne Morgan, Jim Mullally and Nicky Power. Eileen won the National Final in Stillorgan. This year the European Finals were also in Stillorgan where Eileen finished in 6th place.


We had another success in 1991 when Julie Kennedy won the National Finals and went to Athens in May to represent Ireland.


In the National Finals in XL Bowl, Palmerstown in 1992 ALSAA Qualifiers did very well with Karl O’Neill and Peter McDonnell taking first and second in the Men’s section, while Julie Kennedy was 3rd Lady.  Karl went to Glasgow for the European Final.


Brendan Kelly won the National Finals in 1993 and finished 11th in the European Finals in Montpellier in France.


In 1995 Roisin Carron won the national finals and played in the European finals in Vienna. After a short jog, which turned out to be longer that expected, she bowled a final set of six games with a 174 average qualifying for the Round Robin in 4th. Her final position was 5th. Roisin was presented with the “Sportsperson of the Tournament” award.


The National Finals were held in ALSAA in 1998 and ALSAA bowler Roger Hinchliffe won the men’s section and played in the European final in Netanya, Israel in May.


Jeanette Gibbemark won the National Final and played in the European Final in Leisureplex Tallaght in May 2001.


Pepsi Irish Matchplay

In 1992 Qualifying Rounds for the Pepsi Irish Matchplay were run in ALSAA. Two ALSAA Qualifiers, Pat Tobin and Peter McDonnell, went on to get 1st and 2nd in the Event in XL in June. The next year Paul M Kelly won the event and received £1100, while Terry was 3rd and received £300.  Paddy Kilduff had the high game of 258 and won £100.


National Team - Juniors

The first ALSAA Bowler to represent Ireland on a National Scratch Team was Junior Bowler Paul Molphy who played in Holland in March 1986.


Paul Molphy and June Carron were selected to play on the National team in the European Youth Championships in 1988 in San Marino.


In March 1989 Aidan Fallon, Paul Kelly and John Kerrigan were selected on the five-man team to play in the European Intermediate Cup in Finland. They finished in a creditable 3rd place.


In August 1989 Alan McDonnell and Stuart Kerrigan played on the Irish team in the Swallow Junior Open in Sunderland in England. Mark Delany also played in this event.


In January 1990 Terry Kelly, Alan McDonnell, Stuart Kerrigan and Paul Molphy were selected for the Irish team in the Junior European Championships in Munich in April. Brendan Beakey attended as Team Manager. The standard was very high and Ireland was 12th in the Team of Five.


A Friendly was played in Scotland in August 1990. Christabel O’Loughlin was selected for the Ireland team.


In the Junior Quadrangular held in Stillorgan in August 1991 Fiona Kilduff, Alan McDonnell and Stuart Kerrigan were selected for the Irish Team. Stuart was the Individual Champion Under 19 Boys and also had the high game and series (259/665). Alan and Stuart were on the winning Team of Five and the second Doubles, while Fiona was on the girls Trios and Fives, which both finished second.


Alan McDonnell won the First Junior Irish Open, Under 19, in Stillorgan in November 1991, having already finished 2nd in the Under 18 Masters in the Championships in Tallaght in October, where Jenny Donnelly was the Under 18 Girls Singles winner. Alan also won the Leinster Junior Championships, Under 18 section.


Stuart and Alan were selected for the team to play in the European Youth Championships in Brussels in April 1992.


Deirdre Kilduff selected for the Irish Team in the Quadrangular in Sunderland in August 1992 and also for a challenge match with Scotland in Bray 1993. She also played on the Irish team in the Quadrangular in Aylesbury, England, in 1994.


Stephen Kebbell was selected to play for Ireland in the Junior Quadrangular in Stillorgan in August 1995.


Paul Stott and Anne Marie Kelly played on the Irish Team in the European Youth Championships in Hoofdorp in The Netherlands in April 2000. Anne Marie was 2nd in the Irish Junior Open, under 19.


Stephen Joyce, Gareth Neary, Paul Stott Jnr and David Kelly played on the Irish team in the Triple Crown in Tallaght in 2003. Stephen was Under 16 while the others were under 19. Stephen was 2nd in Trios, 1st in Fives and on the overall winning team. Paul was 2nd in Singles, 1st in Trios, 1st in Fives and 2nd in Masters. Gareth was 3rd in Singles, 3rd in Trios, 1st in Fives and 3rd in Masters. David was 3rd in Trios and 1st in Fives. The Irish Boys were 2nd in the U19 Overall.


In April 2004 the European Youth Championships were held in Augsburg, Germany, with 24 countries taking part. Greg Gardner, Stephen Joyce and Iain Minchin played on the Irish team.


There were five ALSAA Juniors selected for the Triple Crown in 2004 in Sheffield, England. Greg Gardner and Sarah Kelly were Under 16, while Gareth Neary, Stephen Joyce and David Kelly were under 19. A number of medals were taken home. Gareth, Stephen and David were 3rd in Trios and Fives, while Stephen was 2nd in the Doubles. Greg was 2nd in Trios and Fives and 3rd in Doubles, while Sarah was 1st in Mixed Doubles and 3rd in Girls Doubles.


National Team - Under 23

Paul C Kelly, John Kerrigan and Aiden Fallon played in the Under 23 European Championships in Kuopio, Finland in March 1989 and finished as 3rd placed Team of Four, receiving an FIQ bronze medal.


Michele O’Connor and Paul C Kelly were selected for the Under 23 Triple Crown in Liverpool, England, in December 1992.


Colm Cloake and Keith Monahan were selected for the Irish team to play in the Triple Crown in Scotland in October 2002.


Paul Stott, Jnr., played in the AMF Bowling World Cup in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in October 2003 having won the Irish Qualifier in Stillorgan.


Paul Stott, Jnr., was 2nd in the Singles while playing for Ireland in the World Youth Championships in Guam in August 2004.


Team Ireland

Team Ireland organised a Tour of the USA, including Akron, Atlanta and St Louis, in summer 1992. A match with Team USA was included in the tour. Paul C Kelly was selected to be part of Team Ireland.


In 1995 Mark O’Riordan was selected for Team Ireland to play in the Triple Crown in Bray, which was won by Ireland for the first time in 28 years. On the way he was part of the winning Trios Team and equal 2nd in the Masters. Mark had already played in the annual challenge against Scotland in May.


Paul C Kelly played on the Irish team in the European Team Cup in Malmo, Sweden, in June 1998, which finished 4th and thereby qualified for the World Team Cup. Paul was subsequently selected for the Triple Crown in Dundonald in Northern Ireland, in which Ireland was 2nd, and The World Team Cup in Hoofdorp in The Netherlands, in October. Del Delany also played on Team Ireland in the Triple Crown and together with Paul, and Alan Gibbons took Silver in the Trios event.


Michele O’Connor played for Ireland in the Adult Triple Crown in Dundonald, Belfast in August 2001 and again in Norwich, England, in August 2003, where she was the best Irish lady bowler. Paddy Kilduff was Team Manager in Norwich.


Seniors National Team

Noeleen O’Reilly was selected to play for Ireland in a challenge match against Scotland in Cork in May 1994. She won a gold medal.


In a challenge match with Northern Ireland in Portadown in January 1996 Cliff Bennett, Paddy Kilduff and Noeleen O’Reilly were selected to play for the Irish Team.


Noeleen O’Reilly played on the Irish team in the Quadrangular in Liverpool in April 1996.


In a challenge match against Scotland in Tallaght in May 1996 Cliff Bennett and Paddy Kilduff were selected for the National Team. Paddy won the Singles event.


In the return match with Northern Ireland in ALSAA in September 1996 Brendan Clare and Paddy Kilduff played for the National Team. Ireland won both Men (186-70) and Ladies (214-42) sections. Brendan was on the winning Mixed and Men’s Doubles pairs, while both Brendan and Paddy were on the winning Fours team.


Dolores Fearn, Tom Maxwell, Brendan Clare and Paddy Kilduff were selected to play in the Senior’s challenge with Northern Ireland in Dundonald in February 1997.


Tom and Paddy also played for Ireland in the Triple Crown in Jersey in April 1997. Ireland finished 3rd overall. Paddy and Mick Mulcahy were 3rd in the Doubles.


We had further representation in the return match against Scotland in Kirkintilloch near Glasgow in May 1997. The club players were Dolores Fearn, Noeleen O’Reilly, Tom Maxwell, Eddie Monks and Paddy Kilduff.


Another Northern Ireland challenge was held in ALSAA in September 1997 and saw Dolores Fearn, Noeleen O’Reilly, Tommy Maxwell, Eddie Monks and Paddy Kilduff playing again for Ireland. Noeleen won the Ladies Singles.


Tom Maxwell and Paddy Kilduff were again selected for the Triple Crown in Tallaght in April 1998. Other countries playing were England (who won), Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man. Ireland finished second. Tommy was 2nd in the Singles; Paddy was in the Trios, which came first, with Mick Staines and Des Murphy, while both Tom and Paddy were in the third finishing Team of Five. Andy McLaren (N.I.) bowled a 300 game, which was the first in a Senior’s Triple Crown.


The return Northern Ireland challenge took place in Dundonald in November 1998. The selection included Dolores Fearn, Cliff Bennett, Tommy Maxwell, and Eddie Monks.


In 1999 in the Triple Crown in Leeds Eddie Monks and Cliff Bennett played on the Irish Team. Cliff won the Singles and the All Events.


The Northern Ireland challenge took place in ALSAA in November 1999. Eddie Monks, Dolores Fearn and Paddy Kilduff were on the Irish team. The Northern Ireland team was short some men so Tommy Maxwell and Roy Barnes of British Airways (whose son was playing in the Irish Junior Open) were loaned to them.


Cliff Bennett again played in the Triple Crown in Dundonald in Belfast in 2000 where Ireland finished in 3rd place. Cliff won the Doubles with Des Murphy and was on the Team of Five, which was second.


The Senior Triple Crown was in Dundee in Scotland in April 2001 and Paddy Kilduff was selected to play on the Irish team. He won two bronze medals, in the Doubles with Des Murphy and in Team of Five.


Paddy Kilduff was again selected to play in the Senior Triple Crown in Tallaght in April 2002 and won Bronze in the Trios and Team of Five. He also played in the Northern Ireland challenge in Dundonald in February 2003 and was Team Manager in Jersey in April. Tommy Maxwell played for the Isle of Man in Jersey.



Inter Centre Challenge Matches


In 1987 Inter Centre Matches were arranged on a home and away basis between ALSAA, Dundrum and Stillorgan. Events were Singles and Team of Five for men and ladies, with three games being played in each match and one point awarded for each person/game.

In our matches our points accumulation was poor, to say the least.

25 April in ALSAA:          ALSAA v Dundrum – 17 to 71

9 May in Stillorgan:        Stillorgan v ALSAA – 72.5 to 15.5

20 June in ALSAA:          ALSAA v Stillorgan – 15 to 73.


In 1988 the format was changed to Singles, Double and Trios for men and ladies.

This did not improve our success though:

21 May in ALSAA:           ALSAA v Dundrum – 78 to 66

11 June in Dundrum:      Dundrum v ALSAA – 123 to 21

7 August in Stillorgan:    Stillorgan v ALSAA – 130 to 14

20 August in ALSAA:       ALSAA v Stillorgan – 52 to 92

The final positions were:  1st – Stillorgan (419), 2nd – Dundrum (280), 3rd – ALSAA – 165.

The ALSAA Bowlers involved in this competition were: Joanne Morgan, Yvonne Moran, Dolores Fearn, Clem Beakey, Marie McAndrew, Yvonne Duignam, Eileen McDermott, Phil Joyce, Sheila Mullally, John Fearn, Gerry McHugh, Cliff Bennett, Mike Dunne, Tom Maxwell, Cormac Somerville, Jimmy Long, Dermot Cullen, Paddy Kilduff, Les Reilly, Brendan Beakey.  Best games bowled by ALSAA were Gerry McHugh (254 in ALSAA) and Joanne Morgan (231 in Dundrum).


There was a new format again for 1989. The competition was held on one day, 27th May, in Stillorgan with men and ladies teams from ALSAA, Dundrum and Stillorgan playing Singles, Doubles and Trios and finishing with an Individual Step-ladder final for the top 5 men and ladies. The ALSAA ladies were Joanne Morgan, Roisin Carron, Dolores Fearn, Helen Kelly, Yvonne Moran and Linda Mooney, with Yvonne finishing the best ALSAA lady in 8th place with pinfall of 1482 (164 ave). The men from ALSAA were John Fearn, Pat Power, Les Reilly, Dermot Cullen, Mick Gallagher and Tom Maxwell with Tom finishing in 7th place with 1642 (182 ave). The final points position were: 1st – Stillorgan (198); 2nd – Dundrum (139); 3rd – ALSAA (95). The Individual Winners were Tom Byrne (Dundrum) and Sarah Murphy (Stillorgan).


The Annual Challenge was held in Tallaght Sports Bowl on 7th July 1990. This time five centres took part in a four game men and ladies Team of Five Competition.  The results were: 1 – Stillorgan (8189); 2 – ALSAA (7306); 3 – Dundrum (7221); 4 – Crumlin (6526); 5 – Palmerstown (5446). In the Individual Stepladder Final Sheila Mullally was 2nd Lady and Paul M Kelly was 3rd Man.  Sheila also bowled the high game of the event with a 233.


It was planned to travel out of Dublin for the first time in June 1991 when the event was proposed for the Coliseum Cork. However this was subsequently cancelled.


In 1992/93 there were eight centres available to play in an Inter Centre challenge. The format was based on the ASCA Interline type matches of the time, with teams of eight men and eight ladies playing three games in each doubles and team of four. The centres were drawn in a Knock-out layout with each two playing a home and away match and the winner, decided on total pinfall over the 192 games plus handicap, moving on to the next round. A plate section was arranged for the losing centres in the first round.  Dundrum were the winners, with Metro second. Carlow and Bray were the semi-final losers. ALSAA won the plate section, with XL 2nd while Tallaght and Crumlin were the semi-final losers in the Plate. The same format was followed for the next three seasons. In 1993/94 Bray won and ALSAA was second. We won the event in 1994/95 and 1995/96.


A further change to an 8-team League format in 1996/97 has continued since. The first cycle of a standard ABC league format is used with the team drawn on the left playing at home. As the ALSAA bowlers welcome the overnight trip to Athlone, we always want to play away to them. This could explain our finishing record since with the best being two 3rd places. In recent years the League finishes with a Prize Presentation Disco in ALSAA.



Tenpin Bowling Council of Ireland


When Dundrum Bowl opened, adding to Stillorgan and ALSAA, it was decided by the proprietors to get together with the I.T.B.A. to see if there was benefit in setting up a Tenpin Bowling Council.  The explorative meeting was held on 23rd June 1987 in Angela Horn’s residence and attended by the following representatives:

ITBA:                Angela Horn, Michael Mulcahy, and Jim MacCormaic

ALSAA Bowl:      Paddy Kilduff 

Dundrum Bowl:  Jim McKernan, Sean Kennedy

Stillorgan Bowl:  Bernard Gibbons, Des Gall.


The possible terms of reference discussed were:

(a)                Standardising relations between the ITBA and all bowling establishments;

(b)                Deciding an annual Tournament Calendar with a view to avoiding clashes between events;

(c)                Considering general matters of policy affecting the sports;

(d)                Discussing matters of mutual concern.


Other topics discussed were ITBA recognition of high scores and procedures for sanctioning leagues and tournaments.


It was agreed that the first actual meeting of the Council should take place on Wednesday, 22nd July 1987. The possible matters for discussion could include:



The first formal meeting was held on the agreed date above in Dundrum Bowl.


Attendance at this was:

ITBA:                Michael Mulcahy, and Jim MacCormaic

ALSAA Bowl:      Paddy Kilduff 

Dundrum Bowl:  Jim McKernan, Sean Kennedy

Stillorgan Bowl:  Bernard Gibbons, Des Gall.


The topics discussed included the ITBA Junior Inter-House Challenge, the Calendar and the Affiliation Fee for Sanctioned Leagues. It was agreed the system currently agreed between the ITBA and ALSAA would apply from the beginning of January 1988.  The fee was set at 50p per non-ITBA-member.  The ITBA representatives indicated that close attention would be paid to the implementation of the scheme, and that a flexible attitude would be adopted if this proved necessary.


The next meeting was arranged for ALSAA Bowl on Tuesday 18th August.


This meeting was attended by:

ITBA:                Elspeth Gailey, Jim MacCormaic

ALSAA Bowl:      Paddy Kilduff, Brendan Beakey

Dundrum Bowl:  Jim McKernan

Stillorgan Bowl:  Bernard Gibbons, Des Gall.


The TBCI has continued to meet every two months or so ever since in such locations as ALSAA, Stillorgan, Dundrum, Palmerstown, Tallaght, Strand, Coolock, Bray, Waterford and Cabinteely. It has been running an Inter House League every winter since 1992/93.  Of the original members Sean Kennedy and Paddy Kilduff continue to attend, with Paddy producing the Calendar. 



Firestone Tournament of Champions


Some of our Club members were lucky to be able to play in the Professional Bowlers Association Firestone Tournament of Champions (TOC) Pro-Am event in Riviera Lanes, Akron, Ohio, USA, for a number of years.  This was due to Cormac Somerville initially visiting Mary Beth Manning in Cleveland, Ohio, and eventually getting married to her.


The first visit was in April 1989 when Cormac, Tom Maxwell and Paddy Kilduff took part. Two were successful in “cashing” while they bowled with Professional Bowlers Tom Baker (205), Hugh Miller (210) and Jeff Bellinger (219). Paddy bowled 233-215-161 for 609, with a handicap of 84, totalling 1327, which was worth $125. Cormac bowled 198-168-211 for 577, h/c 72, total 1283 for $75, while Tom bowled 162-181-171 for 514, h/c 72, total 1220, was outside the cut for the money at 1262. The winning score was 1444, which was worth $2,000.


The participation by bowlers from Ireland created a bit of a stir, which resulted in an interview and a page 1 article and a large page 5 photo of the “Visitors from Ireland” in the Akron Beacon Journal.


The 52 champions who played in the Tournament of Champions had to qualify by winning other PBA events. Walter Ray Williams, Jnr. was leading into the TV finals in this, the 25th Anniversary Tournament, where the Prize fund was $250,000. We were given a present of the actual telescores used in the TV Final where Del Ballard got $50,000 for winning with a 254 game to Walter Ray Williams’ 218 for $28,000. Third place was Mike Aulby who received $20,000, fourth was Mark Williams for $15,000 and fifth Dave Husted $10,000. 


A side visit to Fred Borden’s Stonehedge Bowling Centre nearby was also made.


A group took part in April 1990 and between the Pro-Am and the TV Final took the opportunity to visit Continental Airlines bowlers in Los Angeles during their regular Wednesday League. This year Dermot Cullen and Mick Dunne joined Cormac, Paddy and Tom.


In 1991 five played in the Pro-Am. Cormac, Brendan Beakey, Tom, Dermot and Paddy. The 88th ABC Championships were taking place in nearby Toledo, and as the regular Irish participants were not taking up their spot the visitors played in this event, with Fergus “Tank” Thornberry. The events were Fives, Doubles and Singles, and meant missing the Firestone Final, which was delayed this year due to a bomb scare. There was no success in the money in the Pro-Am, the cut this year being 1318, and our best was 1226.  The Pros we teamed up with were George Pappas, Marshall Holman and Butch Soper, who is a friend of Debbie McCormick’s.


The ALSAA contingent was made up of Cormac, Brendan, Paddy, Tommy and Dermot in 1992 and the Pros they bowled with were Ernie Schlegel, Jim Pencak and Dave Ferraro whose scores were 200, 253 and 208. Cormac totalled 1377 for $140 while Paddy had 1344 for $75. The cut was 1332.


Tommy, Dermot, Mike and Paddy joined Cormac in the Pro-Am in 1993. The Pros they played with were Harry Sullins (200), Doug Kent (243) and Jeff Lizzi (200).


Unfortunately this was the last Firestone at the Riviera Lanes. Firestone stopped the sponsorship and the format was changed. So no more visits to Akron for bowling.


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