Bits and Pieces


1984 onwards - Turkey Shoots run every year on three Sundays before Christmas.


In the Dublin Community Games in 1990, 91 and 92 ALSAA (Swords) Girls won. The Girls were 3rd in 1993 and the Boys 2nd. In 1994 both the Boys and Girls won. This was the first time ever in the Games for teams from the same community to win; the Girls winning for the fourth time and the Boys for the first time. The Boys won again in 1995 and the Girls were 2nd. In 1996 we did the double again – first for both Boys and Girls. The players were:

1995:   Emmet Donnelly, Philip Farmer, Ciaran Mullally, Niall O’Reilly,

Jacqui Cottell, Ciara Hogan, Sarah Kebbell, Lorraine Ryan.

1996:   Ciaran Mullally, Emmet Donnelly, Philip Farmer, Edward Brady,

Jacqui Cottell, Rachel Molphy, Ciara Hogan, Lorraine Ryan.


July 1993: Group membership of ITBA for ALTBC - £15 and refund grant of £10.


December 1993: In the Old Year Senior/Junior Mick Gallagher was first with Michael Junior and second with Matthew (1218 and 1213, £35 and £25)


January 1994: Got Astral connection on our PC in ALSAA Bowl 11/1/94


November 1995: Automatic scoring ordered from Steltronic in Italy at a cost of £38,000. Installation 12/15 December 1995.


September 1996: Pat Tobin set up ALTBC Internet Site.


1998 and 1999 Eddie Monks won ITBA Seniors Grand Prix


May 2000 - Del Delany Pro-Shop


April 2001 – Beat the Team of Five Record: Paul Magee, Alan McDonnell, Del Delany, Keith Monahan, Paul Stott, Jnr, (1123, 3245). The Game record had not changed since February 1986 and the Series since June 1987.


ALSAA Bowl Staff:

Joanne Morgan:             June 1983 to July 2004

Margaret O’Flynn:          June 1983 to 1988

Sean Carey:                  June 1983 to April 2000

Peter Grimes:                June 1983 to July 2000, to ALSAA Maintenance Manager.

Carol Cottell:                 1988 to July 2004

Mark Delany:                 from July 2000

Alan McDonnell:             from September 2000

Louise O’Dowd: from October 2001

Also Bernadette Walsh, Elaine Wilson, Helen Cox, Barbara Flanagan, Suzanne Sheehy, Gillian Shaughnessy, Lisa Kelly and others for various durations.


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